Odour Control with Ozone

Effective Odour Control with Ozone

Airborne odours and contaminants can come from a variety of sources and are not only unpleasant but can also be harmful to one’s health. The environment for the incubation of any type of odour-causing bacteria is frequently placed with little ventilation, a warm temperature, and a degree of humidity. Sometimes the odours are so strong that traditional cleaning methods, such as increased ventilation, UV light, or an air purifier, simply do not work. These odours can also have an impact on worker safety and performance in commercial or industrial settings. When businesses are confronted with potentially hazardous odours, ozone is frequently the most effective method of removing them.

Other technologies, such as the use of UV lamps and chemicals dispersed as an aerosol, are severely limited by the need for longer exposure times, the inability to reach isolated spaces, the toxicity of the chemicals, or the ineffectiveness against specific pathogens. None of these restrictions applies to ozone. It is used to improve air quality in a variety of applications, including odour control in a factory or industrial settings, food storage applications, virus, bacteria, and cyst control, disaster restoration, and mould remediation or prevention. Furthermore, ozone can efficiently and effectively disinfect large volumes of air.

How do ozone generators remove the odour?

Ozone generators produce ozone by breaking oxygen molecules (O2) apart so that singular oxygen atoms (O) can bond with other oxygen molecules to form ozone (O3). This is done either through corona discharge, which utilizes electricity to split the oxygen molecules or by UV light. The ozone molecules then attach themselves to organic material, such as bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, and certain insect larvae. Oxidation takes place, breaking down the structure of these odour-causing materials, sterilizing them, and neutralizing the source of the odour.

There are two primary methods of treating a space with ozone to address airborne bacteria, viruses and mould: Shock Treatment and continuous low-level treatment with HVAC Mounted Systems.

Flue Odour Control

One of the industrial uses of ozone is for odour removal. Ozone application emerges as a highly effective method in removing the bad odour from the chimneys of production facilities. The fact that it offers the most effective solution in a faster time compared to other deodorization methods and is compatible with environmental conditions has placed ozone technology in the top rank as the most preferable option.

Intense gases coming out of factory chimneys both cause a bad odour and pose a danger to human health. As a solution to the smell of gases coming out of the chimneys, ozone gas application is shown as the safest method today. Many studies have revealed that ozone gas applied to the exit point of industrial chimneys gives very successful results in removing bad odours.

Eliminates Bad Odours from Flues

Ozone is known to clean the ambient air as a powerful oxidant. Ozone, which purifies the environment from all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds, is the most effective natural disinfectant. For this reason, ozone has been a method frequently used to clean the ambient air and remove bad odours in public areas and workplaces where people are concentrated.

Ozone is applied to the chimney, which is the exit point of the bad smell. Ozone gas injected into the chimney reacts with various molecules and atoms and oxidizes them thanks to its high effectiveness. As a result of these reactions, it neutralizes bacteria and microbes and provides sterilization. Thus, it is ensured that the air is purified from all kinds of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Factors that can cause bad odour are eliminated. Bad odours are eliminated.

Shock Treatment

Shock treatment is the most common treatment for both residential and commercial applications. Shock treatment employs the use of an ozone machine to produce high levels of ozone in a controlled environment such as a room or building. The process is quick, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the size of the room and the generator output. This type of treatment can be used to effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that cause odours. For safety reasons, the affected area should not be occupied during the duration of the exposure and for a short period afterwards to allow the ozone to dissipate.

Duct Mounted 

Duct Mounted Systems can solve the same problems as shock treatment but in a different way. This system employs an ozone generator that is specifically designed to be installed in an HVAC duct, extraction system or any flue system. This allows a single ozone generator to treat an entire home or office. It is suitable for use in homes, offices, and any other building that has an air handling or extraction system with ductwork. Ozone is produced at levels suitable for human habitation by an HVAC system. Monitors ensure that the levels stay well below OSHA standards. The disinfection process takes longer, but it helps to keep the original issue from recurring.

Ozone is a Safe and Practical Method

When the reaction time is completed, ozone starts to turn into oxygen, which is its raw material. Thanks to this feature, it offers a safe use, unlike other disinfectants. It does not leave any waste behind and does not create by-products. It is in an advantageous position with its fast and practical use in the process of eliminating many factors polluting the environment.

Ozone gas applications;

Ozone is the most powerful method that can be used without causing any damage to the flue, without the need for consumables and without harming the environment.

Benefits for Air Treatment and Odour Control with ozone

  • Ozone works fast
  • No harmful by-products (ozone is a green technology)
  • Ozone is safe
  • Automated operation
  • Improved air quality and work environment
  • Eliminates odour complaints

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