Root Treatment - Sweden

Successfully applied to a cucumber farm to fight with root diseases, and pests and improve product quality in Sweden. 


Cold Store Disinfection

Successfully applied for disinfection of 3 different cold rooms to maintain microbial control and provide disinfection continuously in Lincolnshire.


Water Bottling Plant

Successfully applied for disinfection of water bottles in a water bottling plant in Manchester for microbial control. 

Chemical Factory

Water Disinfection

Disinfecting water to keep it clean all the time and prevent any microbial growth for manufacturing in a chemicals manufacturing plant in Cheshire.


Water Bottling Plant

Successfully installed Ozone system for both water and bottle disinfection in a huge drinking water bottling facility.



Successfully installed and commissioned an Industrial Ozone system for a wastewater treatment plant in KSA to control COD and BOD.

Bottle Disinfection - Bunnik, Netherlands

Successfully designed, manufactured and commissioned Ozone S for bottle disinfection in Bunnik one of the largest bottling plants in Europe.

Drinking Water Treatment Plant

We have succeeded in disinfecting the dam water with our ozone technology and providing clean, healthy, drinking water to the people of the Artvin region. 

Emaar Aquarium

Emaar Aquarium - Istanbul

The project took place in the marine aquarium in Emaar Square. We carried out the designing, manufacturing and commissioning of ozone generators and oxygen concentrators.

We manufactured, installed and commissioned ozone generation systems for one of the most special concept aquariums in the world, Rixos Land of Legends, Antalya.

Plastic Factory, Turkey

Designed and manufactured an Ozone System for a special customer, one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world, in Turkey. First ozone system used in the PVC Raw Material process

Primozone ozone system to remove iron and manganese in Myanmar Groundwater, the tap of the world The numerous benefits of groundwater as a water source have resulted in groundwater…

With the Primozone ozone installation, Ålands Water can supply perfect drinking water even during the summer, when the island is filled with tourists. The Primozone ozone solution was installed at …

LG replaces ozone supplier to Primozone. In LG Chemicals facilities in Ochang, South Korea they manufacture electric car batteries and film for display panels. They are using ozone to treat …

Primozone and PAOR solve wastewater challenge for BOk pig farm in South Korea. Livestock farming plays an essential role in economic development for many countries. In the Asian region, livestock …

Primozone replaces ozone generators at E.ON plant E.ON Benelux NV has replaced its existing ozone generators with Primozone® Ozone Generators for treatment of recirculating water in cooling towers …

Odour control at a biodiesel plant Customized ozone solution from Primozone proves to be the key to removing odour created by biodiesel plant in Lithuania. Mestilla is an environmentally friendly…

In biological wastewater treatment plants, it is important to remove excess sludge as well as to treat wastewater. More than half of the plant operating costs are spent on sludge…

Atakoy Advanced Biological Treatment plant is one of the largest Advanced Treatment plants in Europe with a daily capacity of 400,000 m3.

A local landmark Dairy factory has made peace with its neighbours and local authority by solving long-standing odour problems by ozone systems.

Electrostatic filter solutions provide grease, smoke and odour control, improving the hotel’s air quality for guests and neighbours.

We provided a safer and healthier office environment for our customer to inspire the confidence in their employees to safely work in the offices.

It is a meeting centre for village residents and events. Although these meetings are enjoyable, they also carry some risks as many people gather in the same place.

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