Case Studies

Ozcon can give your company peace of mind by offering the highest quality, latest technology air treatment and air purification solutions, ensuring the best outcome with minimal disruption to your business.

Our objective is to allow our clients to focus on their business and productivity, while our systems deal with their indoor air quality, kitchen extraction system or disinfection.

St. Barnabas

We have provided Biowall in-duct UV air purification systems to prevent airborne pathogen transmission through the AC system.


We have delivered multiple units of high capacity stand-alone H14 HEPA+UVC Purifiers to ensure staff health and improve indoor air quality.

Microsoft Istanbul Office

We have installed retrofit plasma to provide purified air to improve indoor air quality, increase staff focus and productivity.

Systemair HSK

We are the supplier of UV Systems and Ozone Generators for their projects.


We equipped their offices with NFS-1000-U Antiviral Air Purifiers to ensure the health of our employees and to prevent loss of productivity.


We’ve provided and installed Ozone generation and distribution system to remove industrial odour emitted from production

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