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Ozone Water Treatment Solutions

With high oxidation power, Ozone is the most powerful and fastest disinfectant known. High oxidation power is fully effective in the destruction of bacteria and viruses, colour removal and re-use of water. The application of ozone to the water for 4 to 10 minutes is sufficient for disinfection. Ozone has long been used safely throughout the world due to its low chemical costs, low cost and low operating costs in the water treatment industry.

Water Treatment Ozone Generator


Wastewater from an industrial facility may contain BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), colour, phenol, cyanide, cleaning agents and a range of chemicals. Ozone, which…

Bottled Water


In many countries, ozone is used in the sterilization of drinking water and bottled water production companies. The most important reason for the use of ozone in the sterilization of drinking water…

Fish Food Odour Removal


Improve your aquaculture operation with Ozone: a sustainable solution for water purification, enhancing fish health and promoting optimal growth. Ozone will improve your process…

Ozone Cooling Tower disinfection


Ozone has been used to remove and prevent the growth of these organisms while reducing contaminant levels through direct oxidation. Ozone does not produce unwanted by-products.

Swimming Pool Ozone


Ozone breaks down and kills all microorganisms in the pool. It is not carcinogenic, it does not burn eyes.  There are no harmful effects on the people in and around the pool.

Ozone Irrigation Lines


Ozone-Based Solutions for Safeguarding and Improving Crop Production. Utilizing ozone for both irrigation and foliar treatments in agriculture

Ozone Color Removal


While ozone provides effective disinfection in waste and wastewater containing toxic chemicals, it is also a very successful agent in colour removal. Especially in businesses like…

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Application of ozone in leachate treatment has emerged as a promising solution, offering numerous benefits for both environmental management and business operations.

Ozone Water Generator


Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant agent for air and water. Ozone easily kills all the pathogens in the air and water. Destroys all organic pathogens reduces or completely removes H2S, COD, BOD, chemical contaminants, industrial odours and pollutants.

Ozone is a very effective gas that should be applied carefully. It should be calculated according to the needs of the project and applied correctly. With combined 20 years of experience, Ozcon provides the best ozone solutions and products to his customers. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we will provide the solution for you. 

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We believe in nature, we believe you can both be industrial and environmentally friendly, we believe you can easily create healthy working environments, we believe you can easily avoid polluting our air and water and we believe you can make a difference in saving your future generations.

We have distributed and supplied systems to hundreds of businesses worldwide taking action to protect our environment and ensure sustainable production. 

Our Ozone, UV, and ESP technologies have improved our customers’ operations and ensured compliance with regulations, saving them millions of Pounds in operating costs.

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We provide the latest in Ozone, UV, and ESP technologies, ensuring a powerful impact on your business while staying committed to environmental responsibility. Join us on the journey towards a greener and more effective future for your business, where cutting-edge solutions meet a sustainable ethos.


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