Ozone Water Injection System

Ozone Water Injection System


The ozone water injection system offers a superior solution for aqueous disinfection for numerous industries. Its unlimited configurations allow it to be tailored to your exact specifications.

Why Ozone Water Injection System?

A simple and easy to follow installation process enables you to generate highly efficient and accurate dissolved ozone levels from an integrated oxygen concentrator. The compact design of this fully automated system provides excellent mass transfer of ozone. And each ozone water injection system is designed to quickly integrate into an existing water line.

 Key Features

  • High dissolved ozone rate
  • High gas-liquid transfer efficiency
  • Ozone Concentration up to 200 g/Nm3
  • Adjustable electrical potentiometer 0-100%
  • 10-80 PSI capabilities
  • Low oxygen demand for ozone output
  • Microprocessor features safety protections
  • Complete skid system

Save without the need for added chemicals

Great power of oxidation, deodorization and disinfection

Environmentally friendly, no chemical waste

Automated system, with remote access and control

What is it used for?

This equipment is used to dose ozone in a pressurized water pipe, maintaining a constant ozone concentration. It is used to disinfect and purify water and pipes. Widely used in agricultural water treatment, for drip or sprinkler irrigation, in drinking water treatment, waste water, process water, cooling towers, swimming pools, aquariums, etc. Ozone is an excellent disinfectant, which allows you to maintain hygiene both in the water and in the pipes.

What is Included?

Ozone generatorLatest generation EPSF Model Up to 200 grams/hour
Oxygen concentratorWith compressor, oxygen concentrator at 95% purity and -30ºC Dew Point
Ozone Injection SystemComposed of pump, venturi, 316L stainless steel tank and anti-return safety system
Technical ValvesMotorized outlet ozone valve, Oxygen flowmeter with manual regulation. Motorized safety non-return valve in 316L stainless steel in the venturi.
SensorsOzone Amps, Compressed Air Pressure, Oxygen Pressure and Flow, Refrigeration Flow and Temperature, Ozone Leaks, Door Opening.
In the plant: Redox control, maximum and minimum pressure switch in the tower, manometer. Optional dissolved ozone sensor.
CommunicationWired remote ON, Status relays (Started, Generating, Fault), Allows ModBus communication and Remote Access with Full Control with VPN router included.
ControlBy PLC V700, 7″. Recipe manager, weekly programmer, alarm and maintenance manager. PID power control depending on Redox or dissolved ozone.
Included in the packagingBottle of coolant + User Manual

Standard Features

  • PLC
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Wired Remote On
  • Status Relays (Started, Generating, Failure)
  • Allows ModBus communication and Remote Access with Total Control with VPN router included.


  • Amps in Ozone
  • Compressed Air Pressure
  • Oxygen Pressure and Oxygen Flow,
  • Refrigeration Flow
  • Temperature
  • Ozone Leaks
  • Door Opening.
  • Redox control
  • Maximum and minimum pressure switch in tower
  • Pressure gauge

Optional Features

  • Dissolved Ozone Monitor
  • Ozone Destructor Unit

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