Ozone Agriculture

Ozone Agriculture Applications

Ozone-Based Solutions for Safeguarding and Improving Crop Production.

Utilizing ozone for both irrigation and foliar treatments in agriculture

Ozone Foliar Treatment

Ozone Foliar Treatment

Incorporate an ozone generator into your atomizer, nebulizer, or sprayer to cut down on the use of chemical treatments in your fields and speed up plant recovery.

Achieve crop sanitation and minimize disease and loss by simply using water. Our System provides dissolved ozone at the point. Once the ozone concentration is right, you’re ready to spray your crops. Plus, you can easily oversee and manage the system right from your tractor, using your Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

This method not only saves you money but also lessens the chemical load on your crops, leading to higher quality yields. 

Ozone Irrigation Lines

Ozone Irrigation Lines

Fit an ozone generator to your irrigation system to upgrade your water quality, wipe out pathogens, cut down on losses, and give your crops a boost with additional oxygen, while also preventing blockages in drippers and pipes.

This approach not only curtails waterborne diseases, making your farming more lucrative but also saves time and expenses by stopping the buildup of biofilm that can clog your irrigation equipment. Enhance your plants’ growth by supplying them with extra oxygen.

You’ll start seeing the benefits of this treatment within just a few days.

Ozone Water Tank

Ozone Water Storage Tanks

Fit an ozone generator in your irrigation water tank to enhance the water quality before use.

If your irrigation setup includes a tank or cistern, you can treat the water directly within it by recirculating it through the ozone system, keeping a steady ozone level. This method ensures the water, tank, and pipes stay disinfected, removes biofilm from the pipes, prevents clogs in drippers and filters, and boosts the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Ozone Agriculture Irrigation Pond

Ozone Irrigation Ponds

Add an ozone generator to your irrigation pond to boost oxygen levels, prevent eutrophication and algae growth, and manage invasive species like the zebra mussel.

Often used alongside an aeration system, ozone treatment not only enhances water quality and reduces disease and waste but also helps control invasive threats such as the zebra mussel and Asian clam. With many irrigation systems supporting organic crops and livestock, the shift away from chemical treatments is becoming more pronounced. Opting for an ozone system can save you both time and money.

Enhance your crop’s profitability effortlessly, without the need for manual labour or chemical buildup.


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