Ozone Poultry Solutions

Ozone Poultry

Ozone gas and ozonated water are widely used in egg hatcheries, potable water in poultry houses, disinfection of the interior of poultry houses during period changes, production areas, chiller units and process water disinfection.

Thanks to ozone application in poultry farms, ozonation of drinking and potable water, harmful bacteria (E.coli), which are transmitted from potable water to chickens are destroyed. Chickens grown in poultry houses will become less sick. Since production is made using fewer vaccines and medicines, healthier and higher quality products are offered to consumers. It is extremely important for disinfection to use the water consumed in poultry slaughterhouses by ozone.
Another usage area of ​​ozone gas in the poultry industry is the disinfection of incubators, nest boxes, production farms. E.coli, Pseudomonas fluorescens, etc. Disposal of microorganisms that increase harmful disease and death rates with ozone gas is an important and most effective solution.

Ozone application in production farms, healthier feeding of animals, thus less sickness is provided. In parallel with this, giving much less medication and making fewer vaccines plays a big role in the convenience of the manufacturer, financial advantage and the provision of a healthier, quality product.

Since ozone gas is a natural disinfectant that does not leave residues, it does not pose the risk of chemical residues caused by chemicals such as formaldehyde, methanol, peracetic acid, chlorine.

Egg Health

Ozone plays an important role in extending the shelf life of eggs and reducing microbiological distress. When the eggs lose moisture due to their breathable shell, they shrink and need about 90% moisture in their stored areas. As is known, 90% of humidity causes bacteria to grow easily and mould. With high humidity, mould and bacteria growth can be eliminated for 8 – 9 months at 0 degrees. Storing the product in this way causes the egg to remain healthy, fresh and quality; Thus, a great financial advantage is provided to the producer.

Benefits of Using Ozone in Poultry;

– Prevents bacteria growth by breaking the gases in the chicken farm environment and improving the air quality.
– Chicks and chickens eat healthier
– Reduces the rate of the sickness of animals by improving environmental factors
– It provides less use of vaccines and drugs for production.
– It does not leave any residue on the product, it is environmentally friendly.
– Microbial load on the product is significantly reduced and the shelf life of the product is extended.


Ozone Water Generator

Ozone Water Generator is a great solution for poultry disinfection applications. You can wash all interiors with this mobile ozone generator and after washing you can use it for air disinfection.

If it is not the system you’re looking for, just contact us so we can provide the best solution to you.

Water Ozone Generator

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