A complete, zero-emission commercial kitchen extract system certified to ISO 16890 standards. It cleans the air so good you can safely recirculate the extracted air back to the kitchen.

The new commercial kitchen extraction filtration unit (ecology unit) is designed specifically for the removal of smoke and grease particles from the air stream of commercial kitchen exhaust systems and for the elimination of odour. The filters inside the module guarantee a constant efficiency of filtration and, thanks to a high ability of separation and accumulation of oil, allow a remarkable energy-saving and low drop pressure. 

EcoKitchen Kitchen Filtration System
Mesh Filter

Metal filter made with galvanized wire mesh and galvanized frame, filter class EN 779 G2


Sponge filter of 30 PPI, able to filtrate large quantities of fat and oil. Fast and easy maintenance

FE System Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic precipitator for oil and fat. FEL SYSTEM model, high-efficiency performance with 230V electrical supply.

BAffle Filter

Labyrinth filter that guarantees the blockage of further possible drops of oil. It is placed before and after the ionizing filter FI. (optional)

Kitchen Ionizer

Ionization filter ensures better sterilization and reduction of odours. (optional)

Kitchen Ozone Generator

Ozonisation filter FX, with plates. (optional)

Labyrinth Filter

Inox Steel Turbulator to increase air, ions and ozone combination.

Kitchen Extraction Fan

Electric fan with power control.

Activated Carbon

Granular activated carbon filter with galvanized metal frame sheet. Labyrinth disposition.

The ECOKITCHEN by Expansion Electronic is designed specifically for the removal of smoke and grease particles from the air stream of commercial kitchen exhaust systems and for the elimination of odour.

The filters inside the module guarantee a constant efficiency of filtration and, thanks to a high ability of separation and accumulation of oil, allow a remarkable energy-saving and low drop pressure.

System Installation

Whether your project is a new build or you are updating an existing building. Ozcon provides full-service commercial, retail and industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) mechanical services.

With in-depth industry-relevant experience, our mechanical services team specialises in offering custom solutions and installations of both commercial and retail HVAC systems. As an expert full-service HVAC contractor we offer the following:

  • Design & build
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Replacement and upgrading
  • Scheduled planned preventative maintenance

Advice, supply, installation and support with EcoKitchen

1. Advice: Ozcon will discuss and advise you on which bespoke composition of EcoKitchen is best suited to your needs.

2. Supply and Install: Ozcon supplies and install EcoKitchen.

3. Support: Ozcon is on hand to support you with any additional advice that you may require at all stages pre and post-purchase.

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Most Efficient, Most Sustainable, Most Certified Kitchen Extraction System Available

FEL System Electrostatic Precipitator - Commercial Kitchens

Building on the reliability and the success of the FEL SYSTEM range, thanks to our experience in the application of particular food-agricultural processes, we have been able to conceive and develop the FEL SYSTEM range. This is a new range of active electrostatic filters with built-in electronics, for oil and oily vapour applications. It represents a revolutionary development and a valid alternative to traditional filters. It was conceived to facilitate the use of electrostatic oil filters for specific food processes. 

Thanks to high separation and oil accumulation capabilities, because of low load losses, it also provides important energy savings. Its multi-pole connection system means that several filters can be connected at the same time, depending on the air load and filtration requirements. In addition, electrostatic smoke precipitators are installed and removed by simply sliding them across the equipment filter holder frame. The built-in electronic power input circuit is equipped with LEDs to notify the user that the filter is working correctly. A customised range of electrostatic filters for oil and oily vapour applications, without built-in electronics, is also available.

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FE System Electrostatic Precipitator for Ventilation Systems

With the constant increase in atmospheric pollution, especially in the most industrialised countries, the demand for air filtration is growing sharply. In the context of sustainable development, the need to minimise the power consumption of plants has become of fundamental importance and is being widely researched. The new range of active electrostatic filters with integrated electronics, the FE SYSTEM series, has been designed and developed for this reason. Electrostatic filter FE SYSTEM is a type of electrostatic precipitator alternative to traditional pocket filter and was designed to simplify the use of electrostatic filters in AHUs and Rooftops. Its use in ventilation systems, particularly in the air-conditioning sector, does not require changes in the construction and dimensional characteristics of the plant.

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How Efficient Are Electrostatic Precipitators in Filtering Odour and Smoke?

Electrostatic Precipitator applications are the most effective method used today to control smoke in commercial kitchens. However, filtering by electrostatic forces is only one method. Every brand and every model product works with a certain efficiency by using this method. Here, we come across 2 different variables to filter the smoke in a maximum way. First of all, how many smoke particle we are faced with is very important. The other one is, does the electrostatic precipitator has the power to filter so many particles continuously?

We successfully provided our electrostatic precipitators in many restaurants, cafes, pubs, factories and coffee production facilities around the world. Now we offer our high-performance electrostatic precipitators to the UK. The number of particles released in the “facility” should be calculated correctly to achieve maximum efficiency. Neither a very high capacity nor a low capacity should be offered to customers.

Since electrostatic precipitators filter the particles to a large extent, it reduces the odour considerably. However, it is not possible to eliminate the odour only with an electrostatic precipitator. To remove the odour completely, we provide Ozone generators, UV Systems or Activated Carbon filters to our customers. With these technologies, we can eliminate post-filter odour effectively.


How does an electrostatic precipitator work?

Electrostatic Precipitator UAE
Ecology Unit UAE
Commercial Kitchen Extraction UAE

The particles pass through the high voltage electric field region. (ionizer) Here the particles are charged with a positive (+) electric charge. These positively charged particles pass through equally spaced parallel-stacked collecting plates. These surfaces are loaded with negative (-) and positive (+), respectively. Positively charged surfaces repel these particles, while negatively charged surfaces attract and collect them.

Ozcon Electrostatic Precipitators filter 98% of oil vapour and fumes generated during cooking with the right project and equipment selection.

As a choice of giant brands, Ozcon manufactures a high efficient, high-quality Electrostatic Precipitator technology for all industries. While it eliminates your smoke and grease problem, Ozcon Electrostatic Precipitators help you to contribute to your community and add publicity value to your brand. 

Our High-efficiency smart Electrostatic Precipitator Technology for kitchen ventilation extract systems are designed for collecting cooking fumes and grease particles. An ESP system is clearly the best option to use when a Pollution Control Unit is needed for the kitchen exhaust.

The Benefits

Why use Ozcon’s 
Electrostatic Precipitators?

Besides being the most advanced Electrostatic Precipitator technology

You’ll never have to worry about emitting smoke, grease and particles from your extraction again. Combining with Ozone, Plasma or UV you will also remove the odour successfully. 

The Benefits

Complete Smoke Removal

Electrostatic Precipitator eliminates up to 95% single-pass efficiency of grease and smoke particles and double-pass configuration efficiency 99.9% in the cooking exhaust system

The Benefits

Low Operating Cost

       Electronic cells are simply washed to remove collected particulate and re-used over and over. Because of this, there is a substantial saving by eliminating expensive replacement filters. ESP’s are infinite

The Benefits

Energy Efficient

Electrostatic Precipitators consume very little electricity (70W). Doesn’t create extra pressure Lower static pressure means smaller horsepower blowers and less power consumption.

The Benefits

Small Footprint

Because of the high efficiency of the precipitator, there are fewer stages to the filtration process which makes these a good solution for space-limited projects.

The Benefits

Green Solution

Electrostatic Precipitator cells are washed, cleaned and re-used. So you don’t need constant filter changes so you don’t contribute to waste pollution.

The Benefits


Amount of grease, smoke and particle in exhaust fumes is reduced to lessen the nuisance of smells to the neighbourhood. ESP systems give your business a clean image while complying with local legislation.


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The Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) unit utilises the principle of electrostatic precipitation. The dirty exhaust air is drawn onto the mesh pre-filter which traps large grease particles. The remaining finer particles some small as 0.01-micron pass into a strong electrical field (ionising section) where the particulate receives an electrical charge. The charged particulate then passes onto a collector plate section made up of a series of parallel plates. Each alternate plate is charged with the same polarity as the particles repel are grounded, which attract and collect.

Yes! The first rule for electrostatic precipitators is, the higher the velocity the lower the efficiency. The faster the exhaust air travels through the ESP unit, efficiency is compromised. Decision-makers should consider the physical size of the ESP unit, pre-filters, electrostatic cells.

Ozone generator is installed after the electrostatic precipitator. It generates ozone gas and brakes down grease and odour containing compounds producing during cooking. Ozone reduces oil and grease build up in kitchen exhaust ductwork and reduces fire risk. When the Electrostatic Precipitator is in operation and the ozone generator is automatically turned on.

Yes. T Series (HMD) has been independently tested to ASHRAE standard tested 52.2 2017 provides industry accepted procedure for measuring electrostatic filters.

Single-pass efficiency collects up to 98.4% efficiency and double pass efficiency which exhaust air is passed through two units giving it an efficiency of 99.9% and for modular filtration systems, the Ozcon ESP units can be stacked on top of each other to increase airflow (L/s) requirements.

ESP units should be installed as close as possible to the commercial kitchen canopy. This positioning reduces the amount of oil and grease which can accumulate in the ductwork. If your only concern is smoke or you don’t have a place to install it close to canopy you can install it outdoors.

Every cooking style is different, however, on average, the following cleaning schedule applies. These are based upon standard restaurant opening hours:
• Light cooking: every six weeks
• Medium cooking: every four weeks
• Heavy cooking: every two weeks or weekly for charcoal/ solid fuel cooking

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