Odour Control with Ozone in Tyre / Rubber Plants

Odour control Tyre Industry

Odour Control with Ozone in Tyre / Rubber Plants

The use of ozone gas in tyre and rubber factories is very common in the world. Ozone gas is used, especially in plastic or rubber mixers, to eliminate the odour caused by the process. Ozone gas, which is actively used for odour removal in industrial flue gases, is an economical, easy to install and highly effective deodorization method due to the proximity of rubber and rubber factories and living spaces.

Ozone gas is used very effectively in odour control due to the improvement of existing environmental conditions and legal obligations. The ease of use of ozone gas, its faster effect compared to other odour control methods and its more economical nature are reasons for preference.

Odour control with ozone gas in tire and rubber factory chimneys;

a) Without the need for consumables,

b) Without harming the environment,

c) Unlike chemical methods, without damaging the emission values and harming the environment,

d) It is applied without chimney breaking and modification.

Ozone gas application in deodorization is applied safely and effectively in industrial chimneys.

Industrial Ozone Gas Applications in Odour Control

Ozone gas is one of the most powerful oxidants known. In industrial applications, ozone gas is applied to the factory outlet chimney or the hood at the source of the odour with a suitable process method. The application is made in local or static effect gas format.

Before and after the application, the accuracy of the application should be tested by obtaining measurement reports from official or accredited organizations. Application dosages and methods will be provided by your process practitioner company with ozone gas engineering solutions.

Odour Control with Ozone in Tyre / Rubber Plants

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