Professional Ozone Generator

25 g/h to 450 g/h Ozone Production

SE Series Professional Ozone Generators are a range of cost-effective ozone generators from 25 grams/hr to 450 grams/hr. These traditional ozone generators are ideal for applications requiring simpler and less control flexibility. HMI and PLC can be easily integrated according to application and customer needs.

  • Air Cooled high-performance ozone generator.
  • Built-in PSA Oxygen Concentrator 
  • Intelligent, automated control.
  • Compact design

With a simple plug-and-play setup, you’ll be up and running in no time. We offer customization options, all designed to meet your unique requirements.

The main application areas are Wastewater Treatment, Bottled Water, Food Safety, Industrial Odour Control, Flue Gas Treatment, and pharmaceuticals.

Save without the need for added chemicals

Great power of oxidation, deodorization and disinfection

Environmentally friendly, no waste

Automated system, with remote access and control

What is Included?

Ozone generatorLatest SE Model Professional Generator up to 450 grams/hour
Oxygen concentratorWith a compressor, oxygen concentrator at 95% purity and -30ºC Dew Point
Compressed Air UnitPre-Filter + Compressor + Filters + Refrigerated Air Dryer (Optional)
ControlBy PLC Touch screen, with generator manager, daily programmer, PID control, alarm and maintenance manager.
SensorsOzone Amps, Compressed Air Pressure, Oxygen Pressure and Flow, Refrigeration Flow and Temperature, Ozone Leaks, Door Opening.
ValvesOzone outlet solenoid valve, oxygen flow meter with manual regulation.

Standard Features

  • Built-in oxygen concentrator/generator for high-concentration ozone generation
  • Internal Oil-Free Compressor
  • Internal Oxygen Concentrator
  • Internal Ventilation
  • Enameled Tube Type Reactor
  • Low Pressure Losses
  • User-friendly and simple operation
  • Easy maintenance and long-term service need
  • Compact Design
  • Intelligent and automated control
  • Durable design with Protection System Against Mains Voltage surges
  • Reactor Short Circuit Protection
  • High Frequency IGBT Technology
  • Mobile Wheel System
  • Modular structured system
  • Low noise level
  • Alarm signal output (relay)
  • Displayed system parameters
  • CE, ROHS and ISO certifications

Optional Features

  • 304/316 L Cabinet Design
  • Desired IP Protection Class
  • Air Preparation System with 40’C Dryer
  • Air Preparation System with 70’C Dryer
  • Air Preparation System with 3’C Dryer
  • The remote control system,
  • The leakage control system,
  • Ozone measurement and control system, (air)
  • Ozone measurement and control system, (liquid)
  • Optional PLC (Siemens, Schneider, Delta) Options

Ozone Applications


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