Ozone Swimming Pool

Ozone Swimming Pool Disinfection 

Since swimming pools are open to the air and the environment, pollutants and microorganisms such as dust and algae seeds also reach the water. Since the pool water is at a specific temperature, if it is not properly disinfected with the correct chemical, it creates an ideal environment for the growth of algae and bacteria. These bacteria can cause serious ill health-causing diseases. So swimming pool disinfection is very important.

There are also viruses harmful to human health in pools. Viruses enter the cells in the human body to reproduce and enable them to produce new viruses. These viruses can be caused by some infectious diseases.

Algae is the most common pool problem. Although they do not harm health, they create an ideal environment for reproducing health-threatening bacteria and microbes.

Ozone breaks down and kills all microorganisms in the pool. It doesn’t make any changes in the taste of the water, as it does not use chemicals, and there are no harmful effects on the people in and around the pool.

Swimming Pool Disinfection Ozone

With its specially designed ozone systems, organic pollutants, bacteria, and viruses are completely purified from the pool water by oxidation and flocculation. Oxidation destroys these pollutants, while flocculation makes them lumpy and filtered to remove them from the pool.

Pool water is cleaner than other chemical disinfectants. Ozone does not change the pH of the pool water, unlike many chemicals.

Other pool disinfectants should be handled and stored. Since ozone is an oxygen-based oxidant, it can be easily produced without the need for extra processing. Ozone boosts pool water with completely safe sanitation without leaving sediment and residues without harming human and environmental health.

Ozone also prevents the formation of chlorinated, brominated and trihalomethane compounds which may be by-products of chrome-based and bromine-based sanitation in water. With this feature, specially designed ozone systems are the perfect tool to prevent damages caused by chlorine and bromine in pools.

Ozone Swimming Pool ADVANTAGES

  • Ozone provides 3000 times more effective results in disinfection compared to chlorine
  • Ozone in water kills bacteria, moulds, fungus, spores and viruses
  • Ozone reduces pool odour and destroys oils & other contaminations to improve the water quality of the swimming pool
  • Ozone leaves no chemical taste or smell & will not cause eye or skin irritation, discolour or damage hair
  • Ozone eradicates the chlorine odour in the pool and maintains the quality of air around the pool
  • Ozone eliminates caustic gases that eat pool infrastructure
  • Ozone inhibits the formation of chloro-organic byproducts when pools have ozone and chlorine of sanitation
  • Ozone averts the costly replacement of faded swimwear


  • 100% chemical-free pool
  • No eye and Skin irritation
  • Crystal clear bluish water
  • Feels like spring water every time
  • Broad-spectrum pool sanitation


Industrial ozone generators are widely used in Swimming Pool Disinfection projects. They provide high ozone production, high ozone concentrations and flexible control options. Industrial ozone generators are fed with dry air or oxygen depending on the application

gm1-4 Ozone Generator