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Use of ozone in cold rooms

Advantages and benefits of the use of ozone in cold rooms

Cold Store Ozone Generator

Ozone serves as a key component in cold room disinfection, effectively targeting both the environment and surfaces while eliminating undesirable odors. Functioning as a gas, ozone demonstrates swift and efficient capabilities in eradicating viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds from cold room surroundings, refrigeration units, and storage areas for perishable goods.

The on-site ozone generator takes on the responsibility of instantaneously producing ozone and introducing it into the refrigerated chamber. This automated ozone system is not only easy to install but also operates seamlessly.

These inherent advantages position ozone as a potent and effortless tool for the automatic sanitization of refrigerated spaces, requiring minimal human intervention. Moreover, when it comes to preserving fruits and vegetables, ozone plays an additional role by breaking down ethylene, thus hindering the accelerated ripening of produce.

Air Disinfection

Eliminates fungi, bacteria, moulds and spores

A cold room ozone treatment involves using ozone to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens present in the air and on surfaces within a cold room. As a highly reactive form of oxygen, ozone serves as a potent oxidant and disinfectant, effectively destroying harmful microorganisms.

Coldstore UV Food Safety

Environmental disinfection of the cold rooms

Ozone treatment offers several benefits compared to other disinfection methods, such as chemical use. It leaves no chemical residue, requires no downtime, and is safe for food. Moreover, ozone is highly effective against a broad range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.


Problems with ethylene in the cold room

Ethylene gas accelerates the ripening of fruits and vegetables in cold rooms, leading to premature spoilage and affecting product quality and shelf life. Effective management of ethylene levels is essential to minimize waste and financial losses.

No labour, Automatic System

The system generates ozone and automatically introduces a controlled amount of ozone into the chamber through an ozone generator, without the need to apply labor in the process. The equipment only needs a point of light

No chemical storage

Ozone cannot be transported or stored, it is generated on site, and it is applied instantly, so it is not necessary to store and manage chemical products, it avoids transport and reduces the carbon footprint.

Biocide recognized by the ECHA

Ozone is on the list of biocides by the European Chemical Agency and ZonoSistem has all the necessary legalization documentation to be able to apply ozone in its process.


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