Cold Room Solutions

Cold rooms pose unique challenges when it comes to maintaining hygiene standards, as traditional methods often fall short in combating the growth of harmful microorganisms. Our cutting-edge systems address these challenges head-on, utilizing the power of ozone and ultraviolet (UV) technology to create a robust and efficient solution. In an era where the demand for impeccable hygiene is non-negotiable, our cold room disinfection systems emerge as the ultimate safeguard for your storage facilities. Bid farewell to the limitations of conventional approaches and embrace the next level of disinfection technology. Explore the possibilities with our innovative ozone and UV systems designed to overcome the specific challenges posed by cold storage environments.

UV Cold Room Systems

UV Cold Room Disinfection

UV Systems treat airborne bacteria and mould present in the air of cold rooms, using the constantly forced air circulation of the ventilation system.
With powerful disinfecting action, microbes and spores are eliminated before entering into contact with foodstuff surfaces; product freshness is increased, the taste and appearance of food are improved, and weight loss and dehydration are avoided.

UV Systems perform a progressive action of decontamination from airborne bacteria and mould present in the air of the cold rooms, improving the conditions of preservation of products, especially meat.

With the use of UV Systems in particular, an improved maturation, aspect and quality of the meat is achieved. The treatment takes place by exploiting the constant forced air circulation, (due to the flow generated by the fan of the ventilation system), which passes next to the device and is decontaminated from microbes before they enter into contact with the products inside the cold rooms.

Ozone Cold Room Systems

Cold Store Ozone Generator

Ozone serves as a key component in cold room disinfection, effectively targeting both the environment and surfaces while eliminating undesirable odors. Functioning as a gas, ozone demonstrates swift and efficient capabilities in eradicating viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds from cold room surroundings, refrigeration units, and storage areas for perishable goods.

The on-site ozone generator takes on the responsibility of instantaneously producing ozone and introducing it into the refrigerated chamber. This automated ozone system is not only easy to install but also operates seamlessly.

These inherent advantages position ozone as a potent and effortless tool for the automatic sanitization of refrigerated spaces, requiring minimal human intervention. Moreover, when it comes to preserving fruits and vegetables, ozone plays an additional role by breaking down ethylene, thus hindering the accelerated ripening of produce.

UV Cold Room
UV Cold Room
Ozone Coldroom