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Disinfect your indoors and kill all pathogens like viruses and bacteria or remove unpleasant odours easily with Ozcon Commercial Ozone Generators 

Shock Treatment Ozone Generator


Powerful, commercial ozone generators for disinfection, odour removal and remediation. Lightweight and compact design make it easy to take into and out of different rooms.

UV Ozone Generator


Use this medium output,  commercial Ultraviolet ozone generator to quickly destroy smoke and odours. Just set it on the floor and let it run for a few hours. It will do the work for you!

Car Ozone Generator

Ozone car disinfection

Car ozone generators are specially designed for car disinfection. It disinfects your car, removes all unpleasant odours without damaging the interior. You can connect it to car lighter socket.

Ozone Mobile Room Disinfection

Mobile Ozone Generator

These mobile room sterilization units can disinfect any room in minutes and you don’t need to air the room after the operation. Built-in ozone destructor kills the remaining ozone and makes the room ready to use.

Ozone Room Disinfection

Ozone Room Purifier

These wall-mounted room sterilization units designed for sterilization of occupied rooms. These ozone generators just generate the right dosage of ozone to purify the room perfectly and protects your health.

Ozone Kitchen Extraction

Kitchen Extraction Ozone Generator

Kitchen extraction ozone generators are designed to destroy odours and grease particles in commercial kitchen extraction systems. With the electronic potentiometer, you can adjust the ozone production according to your need.

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