Commercial Ozone Generators

Portable Ozone Generators

DR-10 Plus

Suitcase type ozone generator with built-in ozone destructor. Powerful fan-driven corona discharge ozone generator to provide perfect disinfection.

Ozone Generator


The powerful fan driven corona discharge ozone generators to provide reliable and robust ozone production. Best for hotel rooms conference facilities and bar areas.

Ozone Generator


Portable, ozone generators for disinfection and deodorization for both air and water. Light and compact design. Can be easily carried anywhere.

Kitchen Ozone

Controlled Ozone injectors are the first fully controllable, energy-efficient units available for removing cooking odours. Works great especially used with ESPs.  

Ozone Destruction Units

Ozone Destruction Unit

NT-70 High Flow

Destroys ozone present in ambient air at high flow rates up to 120 m3/h.

Ozone Destruction Unit

NT-40 Low Flow

Destroys ozone present in ambient air at low flow rates up to 68 m3/h.

NT-400 Ozone Destruction

NT-400 Super High Flow

Destroys ozone present in ambient air at high flow rates up to 680 m3/h.

Ozone is the strongest commercial disinfectant. Ozone gas produced by commercial ozone generators easily and quickly kills all pathogens in the air, on the surface, on the fabric, etc., and removes odours by breaking up odour molecules. Because it moves through the air, it can penetrate every corner of the room.

Ozone is a very effective gas that must be administered with caution. A correct commercial ozone generator should be selected according to the needs of the application to be made, its capacity should be selected according to the application conditions and its application should be done correctly. With nearly 20 years of total experience, Ozcon provides the best ozone generators and projects in the UK.

If you have a challenge or a request, just tell us what you want to achieve and we will provide the solution for you.