Hotel Grease, Smoke and Odour Control


Hotel Grease, Smoke and Odour Control


Electrostatic filter solutions provided grease, smoke and odour control, improving the hotel's air quality for guests and neighbours.

The Hotel is housed in a 13-story building. This prestigious hotel chain is committed to providing its guests with the highest level of service and dining. To maintain its reputation, the hotel, which also owns one of the best restaurants in town, needed to eliminate these unwanted, unpleasant  emissions.


Emissions of smoke and grease were becoming a growing source of concern for guests, employees, and neighbours. As a result, while renovating, the hotel recognised the need for a cutting-edge kitchen emissions system that would remove hazardous pollutants while also meeting structural requirements. Because of its urban location, the hotel required a system to clean the air that was exhausted into the neighbourhood.

The hotel restaurant required a system with minimal downtime for cleaning because they serve guests 24 hours a day. There was also a problem with space for the unit and connecting ductwork. They required the unit to be able to connect to their existing maintenance system without requiring extensive ductwork. Furthermore, the system had to meet federal, state, and local regulations.


The hotel was thoroughly evaluated, and the system to be implemented was tailored to meet all of the hotel’s requirements. Electrostatic precipitation technology is used in this kitchen emission system to filter odours and electrically charge pollutants. The ESP unit attracts contaminants to the aluminium collection plates like a magnet. Because the hotel is open 24 hours a day, the maintenance and cleaning cycle was critical. Spare filters were provided to make maintenance easier.

Filters that were dirty were replaced with clean ones, and the dirty filters were washed and ready for the cycle again. It has also been specifically designed to meet the hotel’s specific space requirements by connecting the kitchen emissions unit to the facility’s existing energy management system and air ducts from the parking garage to the roof. It took up only five parking spaces while removing the costly and space-consuming ductwork system.


The Ecology Unit eliminates odours, smoke, and grease emissions, allowing only clean air to release the hotel and outdoor areas. The hotel’s new system emits cleaner air for its surrounding citizens and businesses. The new system also brings the hotel up to speed with local environmental regulations. The design was ideal for the hotel because it was built to order due to the hotel’s unique space constraints.


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