Heineken - Vrumona Plant


Vrumona (now owned by Heineken) in Bunnik, the Netherlands is a Dutch soft drink producer founded in 1945. One of the popular drinks is Sisi. Sisi was first marketed in 1937. Other soft drinks that are bottled by Vrumona include 7-Up, Schweppes and Pepsi Cola.

We designed, manufactured and commissioned an ozone disinfection system for Heineken’s facility in Bunnik, Netherlands, one of the most well-known alcoholic beverage brands in Europe. The goal is completely to disinfect bottles with ozonated water before filling them.

All Ozone Skid including the Ozone Generator is completely built 316 SS for sanitary reasons. Our fully automatic system adjusts the production of the machine by constantly measuring the dissolved ozone ratio in the water. The automation of our ozone system was easily integrated with the operating system of the factory. Our team, who successfully completed the customer’s demands in the field, delivered the system to the customer without any problems.

Equipment List

  • Ozone Generator
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Circulation Pump
  • Venturi Injection manifold
  • Reaction Tank
  • Level meter
  • 3 Way Motor Actuated Valves
  • Solenoids
  • Dissolved Ozone Monitor
  • Ozone destructor 


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