Saphir UV Water Treatment System

Saphir Series

Domestic UV Water Treatment System
Ideal for the disinfection of water from wells, boreholes and natural water sources, as well as hotels, guesthouses and small-scale industrial applications

17.5 lpm to 160 lpm*

ECO UV Water Treatment System

Eco Series

Domestic UV Water Treatment System
Ideal for the disinfection of water from wells, boreholes and natural water sources. An economical product with simple functionality for lower flow.

10.8 lpm to 70 lpm*

Commercial & Industrial UV Water Disinfection Systems

456 series UV Water System

4, 5 & 6 Series

Commercial & Industrial UV Water Treatment System
Ideal for the disinfection of water for industrial processes, for example in food and beverage manufacture, as well as for process water and greywater recycling

4.4 m³/hr to 40 m³/hr
(73 lpm to 667 lpm)*

A Series UV Water Treatment

AS and AL Series

Commercial & Industrial UV Water Treatment System
A higher flow capacity system for the disinfection of water for industrial processes, for applications where larger volumes of water require UV treatment

33 m³/hr to 260 m³/hr
(550 lpm to 4,333 lpm)*

Vioflow Monoray UV Water Treatment System

Vioflow Monoray Series

High Performance Commercial & Industrial UV Water Treatment System
Very high flow capacity systems for the disinfection of water for industrial processes, for applications where much larger volumes of water require UV treatment

370 m³/hr to 2700 m³/hr
(6167 lpm to 45,000 lpm)*

Vioflow Medium Pressure Series

Vioflow Medium Pressure Series

Medium Pressure, High Intensity UV Water Treatment System
Medium pressure lamp systems, optimised to deliver high flow rates in a compact area, yielding immense power density in a relatively small treatment system

11 m³/hr to 8,000 m³/hr
(183 lpm to 133,333 lpm)*

Effluent & Low UVT Water Disinfection Systems

Efflux UV Water System


Effluence and Low UVT Water Treatment System
For low-mid flowrate effluence and wastewater, integrates with standard soil and waste pipes. Configurable in several different layouts and can be used in multiples to increase overall flow capacity.

1 m³/hr to 8 m³/hr
(16.7 lpm to 133 lpm)*

Vioflow Low UVT Water System

Vioflow Low UVT Series

Low UVT (UV Transmission) Water Treatment System
Developed for water with low UV transmission properties (20% – 70% UVT), making it perfect in municipal and industrial applications for secondary and reuse water, or for greywater applications such as rainwater harvesting

5 m³/hr to 6,000 m³/hr
(83 lpm to 100,000 lpm)*

UV Water Treatment

Safe, Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Ultraviolet radiation has been used since the early 1900s as a disinfectant. In fact, the first commercial ultraviolet water purifier was invented in the 1930s. Today, there are two main types of UV water purifiers available: point-of-entry systems and whole house systems. Point-of-entry systems use UV lamps at the faucet to treat water before it enters the home. Whole house systems use UV lamps throughout the entire house to treat water that passes through pipes.

In water disinfection, ultraviolet (UV) light is a natural process that does not produce harmful chemicals. It is a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly disinfection method for making water safe by inactivating waterborne bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

UV has been used for municipal and water companies, as well as industrial, commercial, and residential applications, for over a century.

UV disinfects water to make it safe to drink or as a process medium, may eliminate odours, and has no effect on the colour or pH of the water treated. It eliminates the need to store, handle, and transport corrosive and toxic chemicals because it is a natural light process. DaroUV provides the best UV water treatment systems UK.

Domestic UV Water Treatment

For most households by the time the water we use reaches our homes, it has been suitably treated for our safe consumption. Failing to remove or inactivate microorganisms from drinking water may cause people to fall ill.

There are a number of ways to disinfect water. House UV water treatment does not use chemicals and is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly disinfection method, that inactivates waterborne bacteria, viruses and protozoa, often found in water and UV is commonly used for domestic and industrial applications worldwide.

The ultraviolet light that is used in our water treatment systems is a natural component of sunlight that falls just below the visible light region in the light spectrum. For monochromatic UV lamps, the wavelength utilised for the use of water disinfection is 253.7nM. This is very close to the optimum wavelength, approaching 265 nM for cell inactivation. UV water treatment UK

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Industrial & Commercial

Our experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing cost-effective, reliable, fast, chemical-free UV water treatment and UV disinfection solutions within the industrial and commercial sectors.

We design and manufacture in the UK and source as many of the materials and components from the UK as possible; this keeps our supply chain short and as manageable as possible; to provide you with a reliable service. 

To discuss your UV project needs please contact us on 0121 439 5785 or email info@ozcon.co.uk

UV is effective in inactivating a wide range of microorganisms such as:

  • Algae
  • Bacteria
  • Microorganisms
  • Mould spores
  • Protozoa
  • Viruses
  • Yeast

including chlorine resistant pathogens.

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