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Saphir and Saphir+ range of UV water disinfection systems are designed to provide low-cost chemical-free disinfection solutions for safe water consumption in the home, guest houses and hotels; UV treatment inactivates over 99.99% of bacteria and other microorganisms to keep you, your family and guests safe.

The key advantages of UV water disinfection are:

  • Eliminates the need to buy, handle and store toxic chemicals
  • No risk of ‘overdose’ with UV disinfection unlike chemical disinfection
  • No risk of residual by-products in your water
  • Easy to install into a current water supply
  • Inexpensive to purchase and cost effective to run; a Saphir UV water disinfection system uses less power than a regular light bulb
  • No alteration of taste, odour or clarity of the water

Where source water is supplied directly from a bore hole, well or spring, or you’re harvesting water or simply living off-grid the compact Saphir is the ideal disinfection solution. Kind to the environment it is high performing and will last well beyond its warranty of 12-months.

UV is the smart alternative to buying, storing and handling harmful chemicals – simply install & run and have complete peace of mind.

The compact, space-saving Saphir system is designed to fit under a regular size kitchen sink, on the incoming main, or to the outlet of a header tank in your loft.

Economical to run* the Saphir range utilises mainstream UV lamps that are low-cost to replace. The single ended UV lamp also makes servicing the equipment very simple.

British manufacturer, Daro UV Systems has been designing manufacturing ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems in the UK for over 40 years. Across the board, our market-leading products have Water Regulation Advisory Service (WRAS) approval.

Saphir system description

  • Water resistant power control module (IP55)
  • Long life/high reliability UV lamp
  • Maximum 10 bar working pressure
  • Simple to install
  • Lamp-on indicator
  • Simple to service
  • Electro-polished chamber
  • Mainstream UV lamps

Options (See Saphir+ below)

  • Lamp/electrical failure indicator
  • UV lamp status indicator
  • Volt-free (dry) contacts


  • All systems comply with international UV dose standards
  • All units are designed to meet standards; even at end of lamp life


  • Low running costs; from 7 pence per day*
  • Utilises mainstream UV lamps
  • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance
Saphir Apperatus
Saphir UV Water Treatment System


For safe disinfection of water 100% of the time, the Saphir+ is fitted with auto-sensing telemetry to send automatic alerts that report any faults or malfunction. Modules are available for alerts to be received on any device including your smartphone, tablet or on a fixed display.

The Saphir+ provides additional lamp status information, an hour counter and a volt-free contact facility for remote signalling. This additional functionality gives you greater control of your Saphir product which means your system is always in good condition to help you to maintain a healthy water supply.

The Saphir+ range includes:

  • UV Lamp running indicator for peace of mind
  • UV Lamp status – three-way indicator display showing the status of the system
  • Switch to reset the internal hour counter, to monitor the life of lamp and replacements
  • An alarm and light to indicate any problems

Volt-free contact output for remote display of lamp indicator

 Volt-free contact output enables the remote signal and monitoring of lamp status, via a plug and socket rated to >IP65. Remote signalling includes flashing lights, alarms, text messages and for ultimate safety solenoid valves to stop the water flow.

UV lamp running indicator

 The control box has a blue “lamp-running” indicator; that shows the lamp is running correctly.

System status indicator

  • Shows how long the system (and lamp) has been running
  • How long before a new replacement UV lamp is required
  • If the power is on or off
  • Whether the UV lamp is working or not
uv water saphir
UV Water System Spare Tank

UV lamp status indicator

Indicator alternates from green to red in month 12 of the lamp life to indicate when replacement of the UV lamp is necessary.

Saphir Models

The Saphir is available in a number of sizes according to the size of property or multiple properties such as a landed estate or hotel.

Flow Rate**
Flow Rate**
Saphir 1Saphir 1+Small property11 – 21813.5
Saphir 2Saphir 2+Family home1-2up to 43022.5
Saphir 3Saphir 3+Family home1-2up to 55340
Saphir 4Saphir 4+Family home1-25-66045
Saphir 7Saphir 7+Multiple properties
(guest house)
Saphir 10Saphir 10+Multiple properties
** (litres per minute) Flow rate based on a 98% transmission per 1cm at end of lamp life.

For data sheets instruction manuals or for further information please get in touch

*running costs for 24-hour period varies from 7 pence to 30 pence per day.

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