Efflux UV System

EFFLUX Systems

Daro UV Systems designs and manufactures compact, modular effluent disinfection units complete with fully automatic quartz wiping systems for flows of between 1 – 8m3/hr in a single system. Developed specifically for use in heavily contaminated fluid streams the self-cleaning systems have proven reliability and offer low maintenance for remote sites. The automatic wiping system requires minimal servicing and reduces maintenance to an annual service. Larger flows can be accommodated by installing multi-systems.


EFFLUX is a robust design and will treat around 8m³/hr (dependent on effluent quality, contact us for more details) The UV systems are compact and compatible with proprietary soil pipe fittings. The unit can also be installed in pumped, gravity fed, digester units, BAFF units or retrofit configurations. The standard chamber is made of plastic and stainless steel and is available in different formats: U-Tube, dip chamber and pumped chamber.

Operators can have greater confidence when choosing a system that will cope with future growth as treatment capacity can be altered according to demand. The carefully thought out design simplifies installation and minimise on site construction work as a whole.

Larger multiple lamp installations may also be custom designed for built in or skid packages.

Please contact us on 0121 439 5785 or email info@ozcon.co.uk for further information.

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