OC1500 Hotel Ozone Generator

Technical information

Electrical specifications
Input voltage: 220v, 50Hz/120v, 60Hz
Input power: 350w
Air flow rate: 450+ CFM

Performance specifications
Ozone outputs: True 15,000mg/hour with ambient air input

Mechanical specifications
Enclosure: aluminum/steel construction
Dimensions: 400x440x880mm
Weight: 27kg

Environmental limits
Ambient temperature: 25-130°F
Relative humidity up to 95% (non-condensing)

1 Year


Room Ozone Sanitiser with built-in Ozone Destruct Unit

The OC1500 Natural Cleaner stands out as a top performer in its category globally. Specifically designed for health, safety, and housekeeping professionals, this robust and fully mobile ozone generator proves effective in swiftly and thoroughly eliminating odours associated with organic compounds. These compounds include smoke, mould, mildew, food odours, and sewage smells. The OC1500 Natural Cleaner employs innovative patented double dielectric discharge technology, resulting in an industry-leading ozone output of 15,000mg/h under standard air conditions. This elevated ozone level proves highly efficient in addressing odour concerns in hotel rooms, healthcare facilities, and office communal spaces where traditional air restoration methods may fall short.

Safe deactivation cycle

The OC1500 ozone machine features both an activation cycle and a fully automated deactivation cycle. This deactivation cycle rapidly clears an area of ozone, minimising the time spent performing air treatment. The OC1500 complies with UL, FCC and CSA standards.

Typical applications

The OC1500 ozone machine finds common applications among hotel and restaurant staff for the eradication of odours in rooms affected by tobacco smoke or other substances. It is also utilized to eliminate lingering smells in function rooms, garbage storage areas, and spaces undergoing redecoration. Healthcare professionals rely on the OC1500 to assist in infection control and to uphold a pleasantly scented environment for residents and visitors.

Application Process

In terms of the application process, the use of the OC1500 ozone generator begins with evacuating people, pets, and plants from the enclosed area. Operation of the OC1500 involves utilizing a built-in digital keypad to select the room size and treatment duration, ranging from 5 minutes to 48 hours. A flashing yellow light serves as a one-minute warning for the operator to leave the room before ozone generation commences. Upon activation, a buzzer emits 10 blasts, signalling the start of ozone generation. After the treatment, including the ozone deactivation cycle, the OC1500 buzzer sounds again, and the flashing light turns off. The deactivation cycle ensures the removal of residual ozone, allowing the area to be reoccupied immediately. It is important to note that the OC1500 ozone cleaner should only be used in unoccupied spaces, following the guidelines outlined in the operations manual.

Safety features

Keyswitch operated to prevent unauthorised use Re-settable manual circuit breaker High intensity flashing light indicator Cycle start/stop alarm Differential air pressure regulator with auto shutdown. Hotel Room Ozone Sanitiser

Other features

Fully automatic activation and deactivation cycles Cycle time 15 minutes to 48hours Control: digital keypad with a large backlit display providing clear and easy-to-understand operator prompts Free parameter settings of room size and treatment time Large wheels for easy rolling, leave no tracks 101.6mm (4″) ozone output duct for optional routing to remote areas



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