UV Food Safety

UV FOOD QUALITY “You are what you eat” is a very powerful quote. This idea got stronger as consumers increasingly pay attention to the choice of food and the supply chain accompanying it before coming to supermarket aisles and our tables. This means that large manufacturing companies have to intervene with certain technologies in terms […]

The Effect of UV Radiation on Microorganisms

what is uv

The Effect of UV Radiation on Microorganisms UV radiation disrupts the DNA / RNA of microorganisms and prevents these organisms from affecting living things. With UV radiation, results can be obtained against all kinds of microorganisms, but this result is not the same for every living thing. In general, UV (UV-C) radiation is most effective […]

What is UV (Ultraviolet)?

what is uv

What is UV (Ultraviolet)? You are here: Home With the pandemic we are experiencing, UV has become a very curious topic. UV (ultraviolet) is called radiation with a wavelength ranging from 10 nm to 400 nm. Since the human eye can perceive rays above 400 nm wavelength, we cannot see UV rays. UV rays are […]