Ozone Foliar Treatment

Ozone Foliar Treatment

Ozone foliar treatment by use of ozone on agriculture sprayers

Incorporating an advanced ozone generator into your farm’s sprayer setup enables the creation of water rich in ozone for direct application on crops.

This method significantly cuts down on the need for traditional chemical treatments, thereby lessening their environmental footprint. Utilizing ozone in foliar applications is a groundbreaking approach in farming, offering numerous advantages to agriculturists. It’s not only straightforward to implement but also cost-effective in operation. By adopting this technique, you can mitigate and stave off plant diseases, enhancing the overall growth and health of your crops.

We have extensive experience in the supplying of ozone generators for agriculture

Looking to enhance your foliar treatment methods?

  • Interested in minimizing phytosanitary products for your foliar treatments?
  • Keen on cutting costs on chemical products and their handling?
  • Aiming for more eco-friendly crops?
  • Seeking to boost your crop’s sustainability?
  • Facing tough-to-tackle diseases in your crop?
  • Burdened by the hefty expenses of chemicals?
  • Dealing with low profitability in your crop?

We specialize in applying ozone-based foliar treatments in all types of crops

Ozone for Vineyard
Ozone for Vineyard
Ozone for Berries
Ozone for Vineyard
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Ozone for Olive Trees
Ozone for tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers...
Ozone for tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers...
Ozone for Citrus
Ozone for Citrus
Ozone for turf treatment
Ozone for turf treatment

Looking to enhance your foliar treatment methods?

Disinfect crops with ozone

Disinfect crops

Ozone, a potent oxidizing gas, excels at destroying a wide array of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, nematodes, fungi, cell clusters, and spores. It targets the cell walls, compromising the microorganisms' integrity and inhibiting the emergence of resilient strains. Utilizing ozonated water as a surface treatment on plants can eradicate all sorts of microbial life. This approach not only curtails disease progression but also minimizes both the spoilage and rapid decay of fruits.

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Accelerates healing after pruning

Ozone gas's remarkable oxidizing capabilities, combined with its elevated oxygen levels, significantly expedite the healing process post-pruning. It acts as a barrier against disease infiltration and diminishes the plant's "bleeding." Moreover, the additional oxygen dissolved in water enriches the crop further. By introducing ozone either during or right after activities that compromise the plant's structure, one can markedly decrease the incidence of diseases in the crop.

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Save on phytosanitary products

Employing a combination of water and ozone offers a sustainable approach to minimizing the reliance on phytosanitary products, leading to cost savings, decreased chemical stress on crops, and fewer chemical residues in the end product, ensuring they don't reach the consumer. The demand for reduced chemical usage in agriculture is growing, driven by market preferences and stricter regulatory standards, all in response to health concerns associated with their consumption. Ozone presents a clever solution, mitigating the chemical footprint on both consumers and the environment.

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Ozone does not contaminate the plant, the fruit, or the environment

Ozonized water does not leave residues in the environment, it DOES NOT accumulate in the plant, fruits, soil or groundwater. Ozone is very powerful, but only for a few minutes. After that, it will be transformed again into oxygen.

Looking to enhance your sustainability and eco-friendliness?

Leverage the potent capabilities of ozone to boost your crop health without leaving any residue.


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