Odour Control

The odour is the perception of sensible molecules dissolved in the air. Although most odours are formed by organic compounds, many inorganic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia can emit odours. Odour control can be a very annoying issue for residential areas as well as many businesses.

Ozone is the most powerful, fastest and safest oxidant known. This feature makes ozone systems the most powerful odour control method. Ozone gas produced from high purity oxygen by ozone generators oxidizes and deactivates the odour molecule. The inactivation of the odour molecule means the disappearance of odour perception. After oxidation of the odour molecule, ozone is converted back to oxygen and enters the atmosphere. Leaves your business and environment an odourless, clean, oxygen-rich environment.

Ozone removes odour by oxidizing and decomposing odour molecules like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and moulds. Ozone is a highly reactive molecule and can be used on surfaces, air, water and so on. It reacts very quickly with the microorganisms it encounters. The extra oxygen atom on the ozone molecule attacks other molecules, destroying their chemical structure and eliminating odour by rendering these molecules harmless.

Ozone gas is the most effective solution with low cost of operation to overcome these problems that enterprises and factories may face. ozone systems eliminate the odours and complaints to the environment by eliminating the odours ejected from the operating chimneys and provide a better working environment to the employees of the enterprises and other businesses in the environment.

odour control

Ozone In Commercial Kitchens

Ozone gas is produced from only one substance; oxygen. Therefore, it does not need a consumable material, spare parts. Ozone is a very strong disinfectant and oxidant. Due to the strong oxidizing structure of ozone, all-metal or non-metal surfaces are disinfected, and no pathogens or contaminants are contained in the exhaust and ducts. Also, ozone is a self-cleaning method of our nature and leaves no harmful substances behind. Reacts in the applied area, solves the problem and turns into oxygen without leaving any residue.

Benefits of Ozone;

  • Ozone kills bacteria, fungi, mould, spores, viruses, ie all unwanted microorganisms. It prevents the spread of microorganisms into the environment.
  • Ozone breaks down fats, solids, dust, flying particles and other contaminants, keeps exhaust ducts clean. This greatly reduces the risk of fire in the ducts.
  • Ozone provides absolute odour control. In this way, the smell and smoke you extract will not disturb the environment and the surrounding buildings.
  • The cleaning costs of the ventilation system are considerably reduced and the life of the system is prolonged.

How Ozone Works?

Ozone reacts with odour molecules and smoke and oxidizes, resulting in carbon dioxide and water vapour. In this way, pollutants in the steam do not adhere to the duct. After the reaction, ozone is converted to oxygen, which is the raw material.

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