Preventing the discomfort caused by the odour emitted from the organic fertilizer facility in the city residents, increasing the air quality of the poultry houses, decreasing the mortality rates because of ammonia in the air, applying ozone to the egg storage rooms to reduce the bacteria load on the egg and increasing the shelf life.


The roof of the poultry houses were 5 meters high. We installed ozone generators to 4 meters point and controlled them by ozone monitors at the 2 m height.

We Installed ozone generators at the extraction point of the fertilizer facility and extend the chimney length with flex PVC to create the contact time needed.

We injected ozone generators to the egg storage rooms and controlled the concentration with ambient ozone monitors.


Poultry mortality dropped by 2.5%. Indoor air quality achieved.

We prevented the odour spread from the fertilizer facility by 90%

On the tests, we experienced great log reductions but we couldn’t trace the shelf life of the eggs because of the circulation.