Ozone Cold Storage System is the most effective way

Ozone Extends Food Shelf Life

The Ozone Cold Storage System keeps food safe from bacteria growth.

Microorganisms in the environment in cold storage cause deterioration and damage to the stored products. The aim here is to slow down the activity of microorganisms and delay spoilage. For this reason, the ozonation technique and ozone systems have been widely used in cold storage in the world.

Dust particles in the cold air environment contain microbes on them and float in the air. Although large particles fall under the influence of gravity, small particles remain in the air. Ozone gas, albeit very low in the open air, combines these particles and causes them to collapse. This process does not occur because there is no ozone gas in closed spaces.

When ozone gas is produced artificially with Ozone Generators and given to the environment, these particles can be precipitated. In addition to all these; The ozone gas produced and released into the environment allows the nanoparticles to precipitate. The growth rate of microorganisms is reduced by 3-4 times or completely inhibited. Foul odours in the cold storage, microbial pollution of the air and the risk of infection are reduced. It provides disinfection in cold storage and prevents the unique odours of fruits and vegetables from mixing. It will increase the storage time of fruits and vegetables and ensure the continuation of their freshness. By absorbing the ETHYLENE GAS produced by the fruit and vegetables, it doubles the shelf life of the fruit and vegetables placed in the cold storage, both in and out of the warehouse.

Product Disinfection

The fact that it is fully effective in removing the pesticide (Agricultural Pesticide Residue) on vegetables and fruits and it is washed with ozone water without leaving any residue makes it possible to maintain hygienic conditions and to present a quality, healthy meal to the consumer. In addition to a healthy production, it is possible to extend the shelf life up to 2 times since the formation of bacteria, moulds and fungi in vegetables and fruits, where the producer ozonated water or ozone is applied as a gas, will be prevented. Thus, it will save on storage time.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent that kills harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mould spores, and yeast. It works by breaking down organic compounds into simpler molecules, making them more susceptible to oxidation. This process destroys the cell walls of microbes, causing them to die

Benefits of Ozone Cold Storage

• Destroys bacteria on food and protects at all stages from farm to fork.

• Ozone is effective on all orientations and destroys pathogens in areas where traditional disinfectants are unable to reach.

• Ozone is effective in dry (Gas phase) and wet (Aqueous phase) environments.

• Ozone is not subject to Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs).

• Ozone reduces the need for harsh chemicals, the handling and storage of chemicals and removes the consumable cost of chemicals.

• Ozone can help reduce product fails and recalls, which mitigates the risk of damage to the company brand and reputation.

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