Why Odour Control Is Important for Your Business

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Why Odour Control Is Important for Your Business

Due to population growth and the development of industry, environmental problems that have reached the present day are gradually increasing. Water, air and soil pollution issues, which are at the forefront of environmental problems, are no longer seen as regional or local problems, but as a global environmental problems. For this reason, legal regulations are enacted to minimize pollution, which has become a fundamental problem in both developed and developing countries.

Odour is also one of the disturbing elements we mentioned above. A scent that is pleasant to you when you smell it for the first time turns into torture when exposed to it continuously. Therefore, many countries have published odour control legislation. USA, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Canada and the EU are the leading ones of these countries.

The odours will not only make people around you have an unpleasant experience, but over time, it will cause these people to turn against your business, complain about you and naturally be subject to legal sanctions. More importantly, it will change the perspective of your business and brand in your region and create a negative perception.

There are many odour control methods.

Preventing odour before it occurs is a more economical and effective method. This can be done by improving the production structure and operating conditions of the facility. For many businesses, this can be an expensive option.

There are many methods for odour control. Adsorption, oxidation, incineration, membranes etc. The odour control method may be different for each business. For this, it is very important to determine the source of the odour and why it occurs, to have gas analyses done completely and, if possible, to make a pilot application at the site.

No matter if you run a manufacturing plant, coffee roastery, restaurant, commercial kitchen, food factory, wastewater plant, etc., there is no such thing as an insoluble odour problem. Unfortunately, odour control attempts with hearsay methods and advice from friends generally result in frustration. Before spending a fortune on odour control, a specialist should be consulted. The aim should always be to obtain optimum benefits with minimum cost.

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