Bipolar Plasma

Bipolar Ionization Technology

One of the most interesting topics of air-purifying in recent days is Bipolar ionization (Bipolar plasma or Plasma). Many of you ask the question “What is Bipolar Ionization?” And wonder how this technology cleans the air and how it is applied.

Based on a technology pioneered by Albert Einstein, bipolar ionization has been in commercial use since the 1970s.

In nature, ion densities run as high as 1,000 to 1,200 positive ions per cubic centimetre in the most pristine environments. Rural homes might see an average of 800 negative and 1000 positive (ions/cm3) The more crowded a city, the more air pollution in the environment, the lower the ion rate. Large cities and commercial buildings see ion levels drop by anywhere from 80% to 95%. A bipolar ionizer can dramatically improve the air we breathe without waiting for the air to be recirculated through filtering systems. 

Bipolar Ionization Process

The Bipolar Ionizer purification process is illustrated by the following process diagram:

Bi-Polar ions also affect a larger number of types of pollutants than other air purifying systems, because as we mentioned above, the outgoing ions enter wherever the air reaches and seek out and neutralize the pollutant.

How Bipolar Ionization Works

Why did Bipolar Ionization start to be preferred more?

Traditional air purification systems need to filter the air to clean it. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to clean all the air in the environment by the air filters. Those that can do this are specially designed and manufactured professional devices, and you rarely see them in marketplaces such as amazon eBay. Most of the purifiers on the market produce loud sounds and use more electricity than can be compared with the Bipolar Plasma Ionizer.

The biggest advantage of Bipolar ionizers is that they can be easily installed in your vehicles, home and office systems. It is the ability to use it continuously without the need for any filter replacement, 7 days and 24 hours in dirty air, in periods of high allergens and periods when diseases are intense.

The ozone production of the device is 0.006 ppm, which is many times lower than 0.05 ppm ozone, which is the maximum exposure value allowed in air purifying devices of American and Canadian health ministries. This value is almost the lowest value used in air purifier devices today.

The Benefits of Bipolar Ionization Systems

1) Particles:

Bi-Polar ions interact with the particles and cause the particles to attract each other and bind air ions. This process is called ‘Batching’. Particles get bigger after two things happen, in size and weight. Particles pass through a filter and are drawn by the air stream, are cleaned more efficiently and fall from the breathing space to the floor. This result cleans the air we breathe, freeing the air from particles such as dust and mould.

2) Odours:

Bipolar ions seek odours at their source and eliminate odours.

3) VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds):

Chemicals, cleaning products, pesticides, paints, solvents, moulds (mildew) etc. closed gases exist. In some cases, these can be toxic and irritating. Bipolar ions find VOCs and break complex hydrocarbon chains in simple harmless components such as carbon dioxide and water vapour.

4) Mildew, Cather, Viruses:

Bipolar ions interact with these elements and affect their DNA. Bacteria, viruses and microbes that have lost their ability to reproduce stop growing and decrease in number, which typically cleans the environment from viruses and germs.

5) Energy Saving:

Mechanical ventilation of the building is essential in commercial buildings (with outside air as windows may be inoperable) and VOCs make the air uncomfortable if the outside air is not purified. More importantly, in ventilation systems, the return air can circulate many viruses and bacteria over and over and spread them throughout the whole system. In light of today’s rising energy costs, it is very costly to get 100% fresh air from outside. With the purifying ability of Bipolar Plasma Ions, treated air can be recirculated, resulting in cost savings.

6) Static Electricity Reduction:

The environment inside is statically neutralized. When using Bipolar Ionization, static charges are eliminated.

7) A Natural Process:

Bipolar ionization technology does not use chemicals, heavy metals such as mercury, products that emit ultraviolet rays and harmful to the ozone layer. It is an extremely safe and clean technology.

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