UV Food Safety

UV Food Quality“You are what you eat” is a very powerful quote. This idea got stronger as consumers increasingly pay attention to the choice of food and the supply chain accompanying it before coming to supermarket aisles and our tables. This means that large manufacturing companies have to intervene with certain technologies in terms of safety and control to provide quality, trust and peace of mind to the end consumer. In terms of applications, UV-C devices can be installed:

– Inside food banks to protect against contamination.

A large percentage of the food displayed on the counter is reclaimed due to premature loss of freshness of the product or worse, spoilage. This is due to microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, moulds and their spores in the air that circulate in the counter and cause cross-contamination between foods.

Prior to this is the careful management of the protection and quality process during the production phase. By analyzing a production line, we can identify several points where the presence of a germicidal UV-C source is of fundamental importance:

  • The surface treatment of the product eliminates contaminated surface matter.
  • Purification and control of air quality in the work/production department. The air carries microorganisms, purifies and purifies them from these elements, eliminating the risk of premature spoilage by providing more protection for the product.
  • Disinfection in the packaging stage: for disinfection of bottles and their cap capsules, for example for disinfection of packaging films, conveyor belts, bottling lines and carousels, and for the processing of the same food products, disinfection of surfaces of belts, products, packages, etc. from microbes.
  • The use of UV-C is a proven method to improve safety and prolong the shelf life of many food products.

UV Food Quality is a technology that does not pose a risk to food and beverage safety.




UV-TEAM range is applied on food products’ transport and packaging lines such as flow pack, thermoforming machines, sieves, cooling tunnel, automatic weighing and more in general transport belts, as well as treating also the food products, decontaminating from germs the surfaces of belts, products, packages, etc.

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