UV Air Disinfection in Museums

Air quality can severely impact and deteriorate irreplaceable paintings, documents, drawings, books and journals within a vault, storage area, library and exposition hall. Preserving these fine treasures from the ravages of mould, spores and bacteria is a priority for libraries, archives, museums and collectors. UV air disinfection systems are designed to destroy airborne mould spores and their associated odours, as well as bacteria that can very well destroy treasures from the past. So how do we disinfect the air in museums and archives?

UV Coil Disinfection systems are designed to destroy mould and other bio-contaminants on the evaporator coil, which results in spores as well as off-gassing being «blown off» the evaporator coil and distributed through the facility.

Retrofit UV Systems effectively destroy thousands of airborne bio-contaminants, such as mould, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, VOCs and odours.


The Sanuvox IL-Coil Clean system for HVAC coils utilizes a patented technology to focus the maximum UV energy on any surface. The patented anodized aluminium parabolic reflector serves two purposes:
1. Redirects the maximum amount of UV energy produced by the lamp onto the coil surface, requiring less or shorter lamps and fixtures.
2. Protects the UV lamp from fouling.

UV Air Museums
coil clean


Prolonged exposure to UV radiation will keep the air conditioning coil clean and free of bio-contaminants, including viruses, fungi, bacteria and bio-film that may grow on the coil. Maintaining a coil free of microbial growth will maximize the efficiency of coil heat transfer and reduce the hours of operation of the compressors, resulting in lower energy costs.


The UV-C wavelength is well documented for its germicidal properties. The effects of ultraviolet radiation on biological contaminants have also been included in the latest ASHRAE Handbooks. Generally, this relationship is similar to the absorption curve of nucleic acid (DNA) the basis of all living organisms. The germicidal destruction rate for any specified bio-contaminant can be greater than 99.9% as the maximum UV intensity produced by the UV lamp is directed onto the coil and each application is sized according to its requirements.


Many buildings and facilities can be installed with UV Systems, like libraries, museums, archives, record rooms, evidence rooms, private collections, or galleries.

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