Ozone can destroy bacteriophages (phages)


Ozone can destroy bacteriophages (phages) Did you know that you can destroy the bacteriophages (phages) virus in brine with ozone gas? Bacteriophages virus is a type of virus that recognizes bacteria and destroys these bacteria. Bacteriophages have the general characteristics of viruses. They have only one of the DNA or RNA. Depending on the type, […]

Ozone Removes Iron & Manganese

Iron Manganese Removal

Iron and manganese removal is one of the more common uses for ozone in drinking water systems. Iron and manganese are easily oxidized by ozone.

Ozone Generators in Water Treatment

Ozone Generator Reactor

Water treatment with an ozone generator not only kills biological microorganisms but also removes metals present in the water, such as iron, sulfur and manganese in black particles, which aid in the water filtration process.