UV Kitchen Systems

UV KITCHEN SYSTEMS FOR GREASE ELIMINATION AND ODOUR CONTROL What is happening with your kitchen exhaust? Keeping the hood clean and hygienic allows to prevent and eliminate annoying problems of efficiency of the entire ventilation system and at the same time ensures the maintenance of a low fire risk. Beside fire risk, problems associated with […]

UV Sizing

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HOW TO SELECT A UV SYSTEM? There are some factors that need to be considered when UVC Sizing. The choices made by taking these factors into account determine the success or failure of the system. Air Speed When the UVC lamp is used in the channel or in the air conditioning system, a certain contact […]

The Effect of UV Radiation on Microorganisms

what is uv

The Effect of UV Radiation on Microorganisms UV radiation disrupts the DNA / RNA of microorganisms and prevents these organisms from affecting living things. With UV radiation, results can be obtained against all kinds of microorganisms, but this result is not the same for every living thing. In general, UV (UV-C) radiation is most effective […]