UV Food Safety Systems

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UV-C technology is widely used in food production environments, to achieve quality improvements and to control hygiene during every process. Light Progress develops and manufactures UV-C systems specific for the food industry, since 1987.

Contamination control is the primary step to reach high-quality standards, in each and single food production phase. Good hygiene praxis satisfy HACCP regulations and, at the same time, allow profits optimization thank food products shelf-life improvement and quality general enhancing.


TEAM UV Food Disinfection

Surface Disinfection


UV Coldstore Disinfection

Air Disinfection


UV Disinfection

UVC Disinfection Fixture


UV Cabinet

Equipment Sterilization Cabinet

UV-STICK Portable

UV Stick Surface Disinfection

Portable Surface Disinfection


Upper Room UV Disinfection

Upper-Air UVC Treatment

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