UV-FAN Air Purifier

UV-FAN Air Purifier is an air purification device of a stylish structure in extruded aluminium, coated by epoxy powder finish and lacquered aluminium. A quiet internal fan draws air from the positioned room zone into the germicidal box for disinfection and purification from microbes and chemical contaminants. The internal germicidal box contains two UV-C lamps housed in a mirror-polished aluminium airflow chamber in which to improve the germicidal power of the lamps by reflection. Air is sanitized by a labyrinth effect, passing across the 254nm UV-C lamps. Clean air is then introduced back into the environment, without contaminants.

Inside the box there are two TiO2 filters; (TiO2 stands for nanostructured titanium dioxide), this is a powerful photo-catalyst as the reaction generated degrades organic and inorganic pollutants including the membranes of pathogenic micro-organisms. TiO2 enhances the effect of UV-C light; with its photocatalyzed effect actively targeting the elimination of odours.

With UV-FAN Air Purifier, air purification can be safely operated 24/7 without contraindications, since the UV-C light is completely confined within the device, thus ensuring the complete safety of people and pets as a present. UV-FAN also comes with a special porthole for safe visual inspection of active lamp operation.

UV-FAN Air Purifier series air cleaners exploit the properties of germicidal ultraviolet lamps UV-C with peak emission at 254 nanometres. Germicidal Ultra Violet irradiation has a proven, strong germicidal effect against microorganisms (moulds, bacteria and viruses).

The possibility to continuously operate the UV-FAN Air Purifier 24/7 allows for “air washing” – the ability to continuously clean the flow of air in the room. From the start of the operation, a significant reduction in contaminants is achieved right down to continued, further negligible reductions of microbial residue present in the target room zone.

Thanks to its small size and stylish European design UV-FAN Air Purifier is a versatile air purifier that can be used in many determinations such as • Residences • Carehomes, • Hospitals, ICUs, Maternity wards, Surgical units • Medical and Dental clinics • Pharmacies • Offices • Restaurants and Hospitality venues, • Schools • Laboratories

UV-FAN Air Purifier can also be used in the food production, catering and packaging sectors, where mould and bacteria are best removed from the air, allowing for longer and healthier preservation of products.

UV FAN can be wall-mounted / installed by a qualified Electrician. We can also supply UV FAN with optional wheeled support for transportable Plug and Play operation.

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