Upper Room Air UVGI

Upper room Air UVGI (germicidal ultraviolet) systems consist of luminaires with lamps installed that emit light in the UV-C range (100–290 nm; typically at 254 nm generated by low-pressure mercury vapour lamps). Most luminaires are designed with louvres that limit the light to a narrow region and are installed in the upper part of the room. These systems are designed to focus the UV-C light in the upper part of the room, thus inactivating airborne infectious agents that reach the lighted zone. The lower part of the room is kept relatively UV-C free, minimizing exposure to persons in the lower part of the room. Inactivation in this context means the loss of the ability to replicate and form colonies.


  • 4 highly efficient selective UV-C pure quartz lamps at 253.7 nm.
  • Pure mirror-bright aluminium parabolic reflector
  • 360 Degree Beam Pattern
  • All materials used are tested to resist intense UV-C radiation
  • Specific electronic ballast for UV-C ray lamps
  • Protected against dust and water (IP55)
  • CE trademark (LVD 73/23 – EMC 89/336 – MD 93/42)
  • Complies with the noise standards of Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Values measured according to UNI EN ISO 3746
  • Non-detectable and non-transmissible vibration values
  • Suitable for class 1 installations – protected areas

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