Medical UV Systems

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Medical UV systems are designed to disinfect surfaces and air in hospitals and healthcare settings, patient rooms, operating theatres, patient toilets, and to eliminate infectious threats in the fastest and most effective way.

We offer several products that solve Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) in hospitals and healthcare institutions. Ultraviolet Air and surface disinfection systems have been used by the medical industry for more than 50 years.

With the advent of high-efficiency UV lamp systems, it is now possible to destroy high levels of airborne and surface bio-contaminants.


UV Surface Disinfection

24/7 Automated Protection Against Pathogens
The ASEPT.1X unit automatically disinfects patient bathrooms and rooms which are a well-known reservoir of nosocomial diseases in hospitals.


UV Surface Sterilization

Automated Mobile UV Disinfection Units
The ASEPT.2X system uses two units to disinfect an operating theatre or a patient room, thus minimizing shadow areas left by conventional sterilizers.

S300 GX - MED2

UV Air Disinfection Unit

Disinfecting Air in Patient Rooms 
Designed for nursing homes, healthcare settings and medical clinics to improve the air quality of immuno-compromised patients.



Protecting First Responders & Patients against Airborne Pathogens
Portable unit that uses germicidal UV to disinfect the air. Designed to be mounted in the interior of vehicle (under a seat or on a wall).

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