In-Duct UV Systems

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In-Duct UV Systems break down viruses, bacteria, mould, VOCs and odours. Systems with proven effiency!


Soluva® Air D for Ventilation​

UV for Ventilation

Advanced technology proven to kill airborne pathogens.

Fits into any ventilation system or thermal wheel and disinfect up to 25,000 m3/hr. Powerful, low maintenance and durable.

BioWall In-Duct Air Disinfection

In-duct UV System

The Wall that stops all airborne contaminants

Installed parallel to the airflow, a unique patented product provides a great germicidal efficiency. Combines UV power and control.

IL Coil Clean

UV Coil

Keeps your Coils Clean from Bacteria and biofilms

IL Coil Clean UV systems are designed to prevent and destroy mould and other microbial growth from growing on the evaporator coil, surrounding areas.


UV for Ducted

UV air purifier unit for ducted
AC systems. 

Safelight is a retrofitted ready to use unit specially designed for ducted AC systems. Efficiently eliminates viruses and bacteria in the airflow.

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