Kitchen UV Odour Control

In restaurants or industrial/community kitchens, cooking processes produce fats, pollutants, and unwelcome odours, often triggering regulatory scrutiny and legal concerns in the local area.

Applied within kitchen hoods and aspiration systems, the UV Odour Control system significantly mitigates these issues. Fats, comprised of carbon and hydrogen compounds, undergo complex transformations when exposed to intense UV-C irradiation. This energy absorption elevates molecular reactivity, leading to a rapid recombination with atmospheric oxygen, resulting in a unique ‘cold combustion’ reaction. This reaction produces organic, odourless gases such as carbon dioxide and water, commonly found in the air.

Consequently, air filtered by a UV odour control system during regular cooking operations minimizes fat formation and deposits, thereby reducing fire hazards and inhibiting mould growth, which typically thrives on fats.

The UV-SMELL-SQ system diminishes the necessity for aspiration system cleaning and maintenance, prolonging filter life and, crucially, ensuring a safe working environment.

Utilizing UV-C lamps and/or UV-C+O3 (Ozone) lamps, the UV Odour control system stands as the first of its kind capable of handling both ozone and ozone-free lamps, either independently or combined, tailored to clients’ specifications.

While UV power alone often suffices for excellent results in such applications, the presence of ozone, which persists in the air briefly before converting to oxygen, enhances UV-C performance.

UV-SMELL-SQ includes:

  • UV-SMELL-SQ can be installed directly inside the canopy, providing a plenum (ducts enlargement) or directly inside the centralized aspiration and filtration system.

  • The airflow must pass entirely through its “grid” of UV-C lamps placed on its Stainless Steel AISI 304 body.

  • Apart from the device, the Supply Box contains ballasts, a lamps’ LED Synoptic view, a digital hour counter and the alarm check.

  • The module is designed to house also the TiOx® filter, a special Light Progress filter coated with nanostructured titanium dioxide and silver salts (optional) that, in combination with the very high UVC power emitted by lamps, is an excellent photo-catalyst that degrades pollutants and organic and inorganic compounds (SOV, NOx and VOC volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides).

  • TiOx® filter performs further oxidation of polluting particles and contributes significantly to the deodorizing action of UV-C.

  • The special materials used for UVSMELL-SQ ensures watertight (IP 55) protection, high temperatures (45/50 °C) resistance.

Efficiency, Quality, Safety

  • Selective UV-C Light Progress lamp (emission peak at 253.7 nm./ +Oz 183 nm.) high efficiency, pure quartz.


  • All materials are tested for resistance to intense UV-C rays and Ozone.

  • Waterproof and dust-proof (IP 55).

  • Powered by electronic ballasts specific for Light Progress UV-C rays lamps.

  • Supply Box with Synoptic

  • CE mark (LVD – EMC – MD – RoHS).


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