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Use our advanced UV Air Purifiers to break down viruses, bacteria, mould, VOCs and odours. Sanitize air and surfaces with a maintenance-free air cleaner that is easy for you to use. Providing UV Air Purification.

A global leader in ultraviolet air purification providing the most advanced cost-effective in-duct and stand-alone UV air and coil sterilisation systems available. Proprietary Sanuvox UV systems are designed to maximise exposure time delivering the ultraviolet energy required for exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates.


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Residential UV Systems


The exposure time of the microorganism we want to neutralize to UV-C energy and the dose of radiation energy. Therefore, the total amount of UV energy reaching the microorganism from the UV-C radiation lamp…

Commercial UV Systems


These best in class UV air purifiers and odour removal systems are designed to sterilize and destroy biological and chemical contaminants, which circulate throughout the home. The coil sterilization products prevent mould…

Medical UV Systems

Medical UV Disinfection

Ultraviolet air and surface sterilization systems have been used for more than 50 years in hospitals and other healthcare industries. With these high-efficiency UV lamp systems, it is now possible to destroy high levels of airborne…

The Benefits

Why use Ozcon’s UV Sytems

Besides being the most advanced UV technology

You’ll never have to worry about the airborne diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and mould. Our UV air purifiers will always keep your indoors and ventilation systems sterilised and germ-free.

The Benefits

Absolute Air Purification

UV systems dramatically and instantly improves indoor air quality with stand-alone and in-duct product range. Successfully tested by EPA.

The Benefits

Energy Efficiency

       Improves energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs by maintaining a clean duct and coil free from mould and other microbial growth.

The Benefits

99.999% Disinfection

UV systems been proven to destroy up to 99.999% of biological & chemical contaminants that circulate in your home or business.

The Benefits

Infection Control

UV Systems prevents spreading of infections by the ventilation system and surfaces. A great option to protect immuno-compromised patients.


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An air filter is designed to collect particulates from the air (i.e. dust and dirt). Airborne contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, mold, chemical agents, and VOCs pass through even a high efficiency filter, like sand through a tennis racket.

Sanuvox UV air purification systems are designed to destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms through sterilization, as well as change the molecular structure of contaminants through photo-oxidation destroying both biological and chemical contaminants, including odours.

Perpendicular purifiers keep an evaporator coil clean from biological contaminants, but do little for the air quality. Sanuvox UV air purification systems are specially designed to purify the air, destroying bacteria, viruses, mould, chemicals and odours, thanks to a patented UV process designed to treat the moving air in the ventilation system.

There are only thousandths of a second to deliver the sufficient UV dosage needed to destroy bio-chemical contaminants in the air stream. The Sanuvox process effectively and efficiently deliver the necessary UV dosage to deactivate and destroy contaminants.

The UV lamp is composed of a germicidal part and an oxidizing part.

The germicidal portion of the lamp destroys viruses, bacteria, allergens, and micro-contaminants in the air. The UVC wavelength attacks the microorganism at the molecular level by deactivating its reproductive system.

The oxidizing portion of the lamp is very effective against odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We provide  both air purifiers and surface purifiers that destroy mould, as well as thousands of other microbial contaminants.

Sanuvox air purification systems are perfectly safe and are certified by: cQPSus, an international recognized laboratory tested and certified product(s) to CSA, UL, CE and international standards.

Follow all installation and user instructions.

Some Sanuvox models may produce residual ozone as a by-product of the UV-V wavelength (.0035 ppm.) The high-intensity UV lamp is approximately 95% UV-C (germicidal non-ozone producing) and 5% UV-V (oxidizing producing residual ozone). The UV-C wavelength that makes up the vast majority of the UV lamp becomes a catalyst to reduce the residual ozone. All Sanuvox UV lamps are also available in UV-C only.

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