ozone destruct unit

Ozone Destruct Unit

Ozone destruct units are designed to destroy the residual ozone that may occur after ozone application with chemical removal or chemical removal methods supported by heating. Ozcon ozone destruction units can be produced in addition to Ozcon brand ozone generators or as an independent unit from ozone generators upon request.

In high-capacity ozonation applications to be made in closed areas, it is highly recommended to add ozone destruction units to the project in terms of worker health and safety.

The highest ozone gas should be below 0.1 ppm level as specified by international norms. Ozone gas is converted back to oxygen by passing through the catalyst beds. This reaction is exothermic and very fast.

In this process, the catalyst is in no way depleted by ozone. It may be exhausted if the gas entering it contains moisture etc. Therefore, if the ozone generator is Dry-air fed, its life will be shorter.

Whatever your ozone generator capacity, we can manufacture the best ozone destroyer for your application.

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