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Shock Treatment Ozone Generator

Ambient Ozone Generator with Ozone Destructor

DR-10 PLUS is a portable ambient ozone system “suitcase” engineered with an ozone generator (DR-10), built-in destruct unit (NT-70), PLC controlled timers, and a monitor attachment. The unique design of our DR-10 Plus combines the technology of our corona discharge and proprietary ozone destruct media in a pelican case with an extending suitcase handle along with a PLC programmed unit for easy mobility and simplicity for the end-user. This portable unit was designed for quick turnaround shock treatments.

The DR-10 PLUS is an extremely-powerful, commercial-grade ozone generator for remediation and disaster restoration work. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to take into and out of different rooms. Its high-frequency generation technology ensures maximum ozone output with high humidity. After ozone treatment, the unit destroys ozone present in ambient air at high flow rates.  This high-flow destruct unit provides a quick turnaround time allowing rooms to be occupied more quickly.  This device can significantly improve your work efficiency. 

This generator is a great disinfection solution for ambulances, hotel/motel rooms, warehouse buildings, offices, public transportation (coaches, trains, etc.), government buildings, fire departments, charter jets, rental homes, real estate property management, labs, winery/brewery, car rental and detailing companies, dental offices, garbage holding places and many other applications.

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