Kitchen Extraction Ozone Generator

Kitchen Ozone Generator

35 g/h ad 50 g/h Kitchen Ozone Generator

Ozcon Kitchen Ozone Generator is designed to remove odour and grease particles in kitchen exhaust air. They can be installed after Electrostatic Precipitators or if you don’t have Electrostatic Precipitators they can be installed before filters. If you combine them with Electrostatic Precipitators while Electrostatic Precipitator holds the grease and smoke, Ozone will destroy the remaining grease particles and odour.

Odour Control

Even the application of only an Ozone generator inside the exhaust can provide a minimum of 80% odour removal. After the point where ozone gas is injected into the ventilation duct, a reaction time of at least 2-3 seconds is required until the exhaust air is discharged.

Fire Safety and Grease Reduction

The ozone generator significantly reduces the amount of oil and soot in the exhaust ducts. Ozone reacts chemically with oil particles and spoils their structures.

No Static Pressure Loss

Installing an Ozone generator in your kitchen ventilation will not affect the static loss of the exhaust system. For this reason, you do not need to increase the exhaust fan capacity to support the system you will use to eliminate odour and smoke.

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