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Our gas generators are specifically designed in compliance with the highest quality standards to provide a safe and continuous gas supply focusing on meeting customers’ requirements.

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Oxygen Generator

PSA Technology

Onsigen generators use the pressure swing adsorption process (PSA process). It is used to separate Oxygen molecules from the air – Oxygen generators or Nitrogen molecules from the air – Nitrogen generators.

When the pressure is lowered, the gas is adsorbed and released into the exhaust.

Onsigen basically uses two adsorbent vessels that allow near-continuous production of the required gas. It also permits pressure equalization, where the gas leaving the vessel which is being depressurized is used to partially pressurize the second vessel. This results in significant energy savings and also prolongs the lifetime of the adsorbent.



  • Control system with 4.3” touch screen – Basic control panel
  • Built-in purity analyser and remote control for continuous gas quality control and monitoring service
  • Purity control
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Data logging


  • Control system with 7” touch screen – Smart control panel
  • Column pressure and purity trends
  • Alarm and stop malfunctioned refrigeration dryer to protect an adsorbent
  • SMS alarm and control
  • Flowmeter & Flow control
  • Product gas monitoring (dew point, CO, CO2)
  • Audio / visual alarm

Benefits & Advantages

  • Independence: Continuous and autonomous production on demand and the user site, no contractual obligations and no supply chain failure risk.
  • Convenience: Automatic and unattended operation; fully automatic starting and stopping of gas production depending on downstream nitrogen or oxygen consumption
  • Low OPEX, CAPEX: Operating costs
    reduction and quick payback (return on investment
    within 24 months)
  • Enhanced safety: Low operating pressure and
    no high-pressure cylinders to handle or cryogenic
  • High system reliability and quality: Only using
    first-class components with proven durability to
    ensure uninterrupted production and minimum
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  • Tailor-made and ready to use systems

Onsite Gas Generator Applications


Medical oxygen in hospitals is essential. It is used in surgeries, in cases with acute conditions, for regeneration purposes and several other cases. The demand for oxygen, PSA oxygen generators is growing, as this variant is significantly cheaper than the use of liquid oxygen.


Oxygen is as important to fish as it is to any living creature, therefore lots of oxygen generators are used in the breeding, transport and storage of live fish.

Wastewater Treatment

Ozone is very often used in wastewater treatment. To increase the efficiency of the ozone generator, the use of oxygen is required, which reaches the desired dew point and reduces the consumption of the
ozone generator.

Food Industry

Nitrogen is used by numerous
companies to pack their products in a protective atmosphere, such as packaging, bottling, fruit storage, etc. – preventing access to oxygen.


With fire and explosions being a continuous health and safety risk, the creation of a non-flammable environment is a crucial task. By enabling generators to produce the correct purity and amount of N2, blanketing and purging of numerous tank and pipe types, a non-flammable environment is created and the health and safety issue is resolved. Several other uses for N2 along with O2 are found in these industries.

Laser Cutting

In nitrogen laser cutting, the beam penetrates the material and thereafter nitrogen, which causes the material to harden faster. This method produces a very high-quality cut surface with low roughness and without oxide coating. In oxygen laser cutting, oxygen is blown to the cutting point, it then reacts with the carbon in the steel with an exothermic reaction and takes part in the melting of other material.
In this method, higher cutting speeds are achieved but thin oxide layers can be found in the cut.


Directly supplied oxygen increases the level of soluble oxygen in the
leaching process during gold mining. This increases overall productivity and also reduces total costs. The oxygen system can be installed right next to the leaching towers, excluding the costly transport of liquid oxygen.


Inert gas must be present on chemical, oil or oil tankers at all times, due to a possibility of a fire generated during pumping. Nitrogen is used for this purpose, which the customer is able to produce directly on board.

Oxygen Principle

OXYGEN production principle

The Oxygen generator is composed of two sep­aration vessels filled with molecular sieve adsorbers (Zeolite). As clean and dried compressed air pressur­izes one vessel, the nitrogen becomes retained by the molecular sieve and the oxygen goes straight to the oxygen buffer. Once the vessel ap­proached nitrogen saturation, the process switches to the second vessel and the adsorbed nitrogen in the first vessel are released into the ambient air.

Oxygen from 1.5 Nm3/h to 180 Nm3/h with purities up to 95%

NITROGEN production principle

The nitrogen generator is also composed of two separation vessels, but is filled with a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) oxygen is adsorbed in the molecular sieve and Nitrogen is passing through CMS to the nitrogen buffer.

Nitrogen from 1.4 Nm3/h to 2112 Nm3/h with purities up to 99.999%

Nitrogen Principle

After Sales

ONSIGEN service centre is available 24/7. The service portal gives our clients online access to their systems.

Customer Service

ONSIGEN is represented in many countries and our service team can provide service intervention onsite.


Constructors and salespersons advise you in all of your questions on the topic of the technical gases.


ONSIGEN offers all products and components for the operation of our nitrogen and oxygen generators.

Service is a base of success. The only way to keep your system efficient is the production without unnecessary downtime, therefore, each device must work properly. Regular maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of equipment and eliminating accidental, unexpected and expensive downtime.

Onsigen will help you to keep your equipment in first-class condition. Proper service and maintenance will always pay off. Our skilled team will provide great support, find necessary parts and solve all existing problems.

Help & Support

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about technical gases, about the production of own Oxygen gas and Nitrogen gas direct at your place. With this advantage, you will save money and increase the productivity of your company.

Additional services:

installation and start-up of various brands of PSA generators
upgrade of existing control systems (offering customized solutions), remote control via smartphone



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