CFR-HERS heat recovery units are designed to meet both air renewal and heat&humidity comfort requests by typically industrial and civil environments; by limiting as much as possible the use of primary energy. Therefore, they are provided with a heat recovery system composed of a crossflow air-to-air heat exchanger, low consumption EC direct driven fans with electronic control and long-life filters for lower air pressure drop and high air quality levels.

These units, equipped with the needed additional treatment optional systems, maybe a stand-alone plant solution or can well integrate central heating/cooling systems, both series and parallel layout.

CFR-HERS series is composed of five sizes, double-deck version only, to cover a needing for fresh air from 1500 up to 15000 m3/h.

The models of the series CFR-HERS can be given with an ionization system of the air called BIOXIGEN®.

This system, unique in its type, makes the air and surfaces of the machine, of the ducts and the bordering rooms healthy and good smelling.

Technical Specifications

• Constant airflow fans available in option.
• For floor or roof installation.
• Built-in motorised thermal by-pass device.
• Frame made from extruded aluminium alloy bars, connected by 3- way reinforced nylon joints.
• Sandwich panels, 48 or 60 mm thickness, galvanized steel inner skin and precoated outer skin; 45 kg/m3 foamed polyurethane heat and sound insulation.
• Pre-filter synthetic ISO 16890 ePM10 50% and final ePM1 50% rigid bag filter with glass microfibre media on fresh air stream, ePM10 55% on the exhaust air stream.
• Integrated pressure switch for dirty filter signal.

• High-efficiency EC motor backwards curved plug fans.
• Prearranged section for post-treatment water or DX coil and possible steam producer and diffusers.
• Built-in technical box for possible control valves and steam producer.
• Built-in electric box complete with electronics and control panel.


MVHR Performance Chart

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