The CFR-90F heat recovery units are distinguished by a special aluminium air-to-air counterflow heat recovery exchanger, able to ensure even more than 90% efficiency; to contribute to the high efficiencies, they use EC technology direct driven plug fans.

This means a heavy reduction of additional heating/cooling systems for fresh air, a simplified air & water plant and very low consumption.

Moreover, the low body lets the units particularly suitable for false-ceiling installation of residential buildings.

CFR-90F series is composed of four sizes, horizontal version only, to cover a needing for ventilation from 400 up to 2400 m3/h.

The models of the series CFR-90F can be given with an ionization system of the air called BIOXIGEN®.

This system, unique of its kind, has the purpose of sanitizing and deodorizing the air and surfaces of the machine, ducts and confined spaces.

Technical Specifications

• Constant airflow fans available in option.
• Easy ceiling installation, flat heat recovery unit.
• Built-in by-pass facility.

• Side and upper casing made from Aluzink sheet metal, internally insulated with 23 mm thickness adhesive polyurethane sound & heatproof material; sandwich-type lower panels, 15 mm thickness, Aluzink outer and inner skin with 45 kg/m3 foamed polyurethane insulation.
• Front collars fitted with additional airtight rubber gasket.
• Supply and exhaust plenum fans with aluminium impeller, direct driven by EC technology motors.
• Filtering sections composed of cell filters with polypropylene media, extractable from side removable panels, ISO 16890 ePM1 70% efficiency for fresh and return airflow.
• Integrated pressure switch for dirty filter signal.


MVHR Performance Chart

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