Energy-saving through the reduction of energy wastage is rightly seen as one strategy for sustainable development. Applicable standards define the savings achieved by evolved air conditioning systems as “energy sources similar to renewable energy sources”.

Heat recovery mvhr units re-cycle the energy contained in extracted air before it is expelled to the outside. Total recovery enthalpic heat exchangers conserve not only perceivable heat but even the latent heat contained in the humidity carried by extracted air. This leads to impressive savings in running costs and far higher efficiency in operation. A wide range of accessories is also available for all models to allow customers to adapt SIC products quickly and easily to different installation requirements.




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By performing heat transfer between the heat recovery ventilation unit and fresh air and exhaust air, the heat energy lost during ventilation is recovered and room temperature changes caused by ventilation are regulated. This ensures a comfortable and clean environment at all times. Conventional ventilation systems have additional air conditioning loads from fresh air. In heat recovery devices, on the other hand, energy saving is achieved by reducing the load on the air conditioning system. best heat recovery unit UK

Heat Recovery Benefits

With the air-to-air heat recovery plate heat exchangers used in the devices, they work with the principle of adding the energy from the air exhausted from the environment to the fresh air supplied to the environment. In this way, they allow a high amount of energy savings.

Today, heat recovery ventilation unit are used for 12 months in summer, winter and transition seasons to meet the fresh air need required to increase the indoor air quality in closed spaces by saving energy.

They provide great convenience and wide application possibilities, especially in commercial and industrial air conditioning and ventilation applications. Heat transfer capacities make a serious contribution to the operating economy with high-efficiency heat exchangers.

It can be applied to multi-functional buildings in terms of application areas. For example, residences, office buildings, banks, financial centres, chain stores, supermarkets, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, gyms and restaurants.

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