FEL System Electrostatic Filters for Kitchens

Building on the reliability and the success of the FE SYSTEM range, thanks to our experience in the applications of particular food-agricultural processes, we have been able to conceive and develop the FEL SYSTEM range. This is a new range of active electrostatic filters with built-in electronics, for oil and oily vapour applications.

FEL SYSTEM represents a revolutionary development and a valid alternative to traditional filters. It was conceived to facilitate the use of electrostatic oil filters for specific processes. Its use in agricultural-food plants ensures consistent filtration efficiency. 

Thanks to high separation and oil accumulation capabilities, because of low load losses, it also provides important energy savings. Its multipole connection system means that several filters can be connected at the same time, depending on the airflow and filtration requirements. In addition, electrostatic precipitators (filters) can be installed and removed by simply sliding them across the equipment filter frame support.

The built-in electronic power input circuit is equipped with LEDs to notify the user that the filter is working correctly. A customized range of electrostatic filters without built-in electronics is also available for oil and oily vapour applications.

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electrostatic filter Fel System


FEL filters are particularly suitable for reducing contaminants such as particulate and non-particle oily vapours and mists from kitchen extraction. The main distinguishing characteristic of this filter is the bottom section of the capture blades, the shape of which has been purposely conceived to enable the dripping of high quantities of oily pollutants, with reduced formation of electric discharges between the plates.
In addition, the special mechanical construction ensures, also in the presence of emulsifying oils, that no electric discharges occur on the insulator, therefore providing high reliability in the long term.

The open bottom part makes it possible to collect, inappropriately conceived containers, the condensation formed during the filtration process. The high separation performance together with a high capability of capturing particulate, also makes it possible to obtain compact abatement systems with low load losses virtually consistent across time and with high levels of efficiency. It is, therefore, possible to obtain a reduction in electricity consumption when compared with other systems using
mechanical filters.

From an operating point of view, the FEL600 filter is capable of condensing hundreds of grams of oil every day. Furthermore, this filter is certified for Ozone emissions, which are significantly lower than the maximum set by the legislation.


The FEL SYSTEM represents an alternative to the common pocket filters and it is conceived to simplify the use of electrostatic filters.  
Its adoption within ventilation systems does not imply any variation regarding constructive and dimensional characteristics of the plant.
Thanks to its multipolar connection system, the installation of FEL electrostatic filters become simple, then it’s enough to slide in and out the filtering units inside the filter frame support.


In the electrostatic filter, the initial pressure drop increases only a small part while the filter gets dirty. This characteristic, combined with an extraordinary capacity of pollutants accumulation, allows the filter to have a long duration of use between maintenance and the other.
In a traditional rigid pocket filter, the initial pressure drop is higher than in an electrostatic FEL filter and it increases considerably during its clogging. The bag must be replaced when it has reached the maximum pressure of 300 Pa.

Comparing the FEL filter with two other different filtering systems operating at the same contaminated indoor air conditions and the same airflow capacity, we can observe that the FEL filter has a pressure drop that grows very slowly, while in an F6 filter it reaches the max pressure drop of 300 Pa before the filter is saturated. It means that maintenance is required to replace the filter F6. Even more evident is the durability of a filter F9 that need nearly three substitutions in the same period of operation as a filter FEL.

A higher flow restriction means merely higher energy consumption for the pocket filters. Compared with an electrostatic filter FEL, we can estimate a double energy consumption using an F6 and three times more using an F9.


The electrostatic filter FEL is embedded with a rigid rugged aluminium frame that gets dirty by attracting and holding airborne particles of pollutants that remain accumulated on collector plates. When the filter is saturated, it can be easily washed with detergent and high-pressure water to remove dirtiness and put it back as new.   
If the washing operations are done properly and carefully the filter can last for almost 15 years.


The electronic circuit permits to generation of the necessary voltage directly in the filter.
Through the multipolar connectors PSC, JC, FCC, it is possible to carry the power supply to the filter with a power voltage of 230V-50/60Hz, combine multiple filters in a row and give out an alarm signal.
Efficient watertight solutions allow the electronic box to be bathed with the filter during maintenance instead of being removed.


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