Retrofit Plasma Systems

Product Range

Plasma Air Purifier
Max. Air Flow: 1000 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 30-50 m2
Retrofit Plasma Systems
Max. Air Flow: 5100 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 100 m2
Plasma Air Purifier
Max. Air Flow: 5100 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 100 m2
Bipolar Ionizer
Max. Air Flow: 13,600 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 800 m2
Plasma Ionizer
Max. Air Flow: 22,000 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 800-1200 m2
Bipolar Ionization
Max. Air Flow: 28,900 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 1800 m2

Fan Coil Plasma Application

Our retrofit plasma air purification system can be directly applied to different parts of today’s central air conditioning system, including AHUs or PAUs, fan coil and air-conditioning ducts. It is easy to install and can respond to different indoor environments. Provides the best indoor air quality improvement.

Plasma air purification can prevent and control infectious diseases mediated by air and object surfaces, and reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases (rhinitis, asthma, etc.). Reduces the cleaning frequency and maintenance cost of ventilation ducts, and save 35% -75% of energy consumption of air-conditioning operation. There are no wearing parts or consumables, and it is easy to retrofit and simple to use.

Plasma Fan coil application
Fan coil plasma

Duct Mounted Plasma Application

In the ventilation duct, central air conditioning duct and fan coil, various suspended solids cannot be completely blocked by the filtering device, and the accumulated dust will form various microorganisms, such as bacteria, mould, fungi, legionella, etc. The central ventilation system is an important factor for the spreading of these pathogens.

Plasma air purification system is easy to retrofit in current air conditioning systems, ventilation ducts, AHUs and fan coils. The ionization tubes can control a large number of positive and negative ion groups, and the active positive and negative ions can aggregate fine particles, increase their volume and weight, and are easily isolated by the filtering device. At the same time, plasma ions actively attack the pathogens present in the air, making them inactive and prevent the spread. Plasma Air Purification also decompose odour and stench, and convert into the fresh air.

Bipolar Plasma Ionizers help us improve the quality of the air, and respond to different indoor environments and targeted sources of pollution to quickly solve indoor air problems.

duct plasma Ionizer
Retrofit Plasma



If you are not sure, maybe you are looking for a stand-alone solution for your place. Ozcon Bipolar Plasma Systems are suitable for any room, any size.

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