Bipolar Plasma Air Ionizers


Bipolar Plasma Air Ionizer systems increase indoor air quality by revitalizing the air with negative and positive ions. It effectively neutralizes pathogens and pollutants in a room or circulating air in any air conditioning system. 

Bipolar Plasma Ionization technology effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds, VOCs, etc. in the air. It provides effective clean air by disinfecting the air with in-duct systems or standalone systems.


Plasma Ionizer
Max. Air Flow: 1000 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 30-50 m2
Ion Air Purifier
Max. Air Flow: 5100 – 8500 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 100 – 200d m2
Plasma Ionizer
Max. Air Flow:2550 – 5100 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 80 – 150 m2
Plasma Ionizer
Max. Air Flow: 16,000 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 800 m2
Plasma Ionizer
Max. Air Flow: 22,000 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 800-1200 m2
Plasma Ionizer
Max. Air Flow: 28,900 m3/h 
Applicable Area: 1800 m2

Test Reports

Coronavirus Test Report

Bacterial Test Report


H1N1 Test Report

Pollutant Test Report

How does Bipolar Plasma Air Ionization Work?

Specially designed Bipolar Ion Air Purifiers use a certain voltage to convert electrons in the atoms of air into charged ions. When the air passes through the ionization tube, it creates millions of positive ions and negative ions, simulating the weather in nature, especially in the mountainous area, which makes your indoor air fresh and clean by solving the indoor air pollution problems.

Bipolar Ionization
Bipolar Ionization

The Benefits

Why Bipolar Plasma Ionization Technology?

Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Bipolar Ionization modules can easily be retrofitted to all type of ventilation systems. You’ll never have to worry about the airborne diseases caused by viruses, bacteria. Bipolar Ionization will always keep your indoors and ventilation systems sterilised and odourless.

The Benefits

Air Disinfection

      In a balanced positive and negative ion air, the electron pulse discharges a certain amount of energy. When the electron collides with viruses, bacteria and mould spores, the energy transmitted is the same or similar to the bond of the chemical bond, breaking these bonds, bacteria and mould. Nor can it breed.

The Benefits

Odour Control

Bipolar Ionization is an efficient tool for controlling odour. The odorous gas is oxidized by the binding of reactive oxygen molecules. Thus, the odour caused by organic pollution is quickly removed.

The Benefits

Dust Removal

The dust particles and pollens in the air are bonded by ionic bonds. These charged particles quickly aggregate into particles and increase their size. This reaction makes them very easy to remove by the filter and reduce the pathogens in the respiratory zone.

The Benefits

VOC/HCHO/C6H6 Control

Carpets, building materials, furniture, office equipment, detergents, paints, glues, solvents or pesticides release various volatile organic compounds. When ions collide with these volatile organic compounds, they break these bonds, excited states. The atomic and molecular radical groups act to activate or directly degrade, which together promote TVOC degradation and produce CO2 and H2O. 

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