HEPA Air Purifier

500 & 750 m3/h air purifying capacity

Breathe clean air with AC-500/750  HEPA + UVC Air Purifier from Ozcon Environmental. With premium 4-stage filtering system with UVC Light safely cleans and sanitizes the air in any room. H14 HEPA filter removes 99.999% of particles and aerosols as small as 0.1 microns while UV-C Light destroys viruses and bacteria.

  • Reassure your staff, customers and patients that your workplace is a safe environment
  • Increases protection from seasonal allergies
  • Decreases chance of getting sick from airborne pathogens
  • Increase employee engagement and reduces absenteeism

4-in-1 advanced purification: The unit utilizes 3 stages of particulate filtration. A coarse panel filter as a pre-filter, a secondary V-Flow filter which has a grade of ePM1 80%. The final particulate filter is an H14 Hepa filter tested to EN1822 standards and efficient at 99.999% @ 0.1 microns

Destroy germs and bacteria: UV-C light safely destroys microorganisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Completely purifies the air.

Energy-efficient and easy to use: Using touch-button technology, select one of 5 fan speeds. Turn the UV-C light on/off. Indicators show when you need to replace the filters.

Compact portable design: With the convenient built-in handle and casters easily move the air purifier from room to room. 

Air-borne contaminations increase by indoor human traffic or polluted air intakes from the door-window passages and room surroundings. The concentration of infectious and allergic particles will increase if the indoor air will not be filtered by real HEPA and UV-C air purifier. Purified air is needed to decrease contaminant concentration and prevent the spread of infectious particles inside the room. The actual airflow rate of HEPA air purifier will be a very critical parameter and important to prevent air contamination.

Optimal removal of contaminants depends mainly on actual CADR of the device and enough ACH for the indoor room volume. In addition to this principle, optimal air and particle sweeping performance must be obtained by applying advanced engineering methods to the design of the air-flow pattern.


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