UV-FAN Air Purifier



Delivered in 4-5 Working Days


  • Ozone-free, highly efficient selective UV-C lamps
  • Wavelength 253.7 nm, pure quartz.
  • Dimensions: 1040 x 320 x 130
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Power:  220-240V / 50Hz /220W
  • Germicidal inner box in pure mirror-bright aluminium
  • Extruded body made of epoxy powder coated and lacquered aluminium
  • Continuity of treatment 24/7; use in the presence of personnel-individuals
  • All used materials are tested to resist intense UV-C radiation
  • TiO2 filter to remove organic and inorganic pollutants
  • Porthole to check lamps operating
  • Powered with electronic ballasts specific for UV-C lamps
  • ST (Code) for portable wheeled stand option
  • CE mark (LVD – EMC – MD – RoHS).


With air purification, filtration has been the standard approach. This may remove the larger dust particles but will be inadequate against these pathogens given that the pathogens tend to be smaller than 0.3µm in size. These pathogens will simply keep recirculating within the room until it lands on a surface or gets inhaled by a person.

Using Ultraviolet UV light for air disinfection allows for a constant high level of disinfection that reduces the pathogen load within the room.

Operation of UV-FAN

The UV-FAN is designed to be either standalone or wall-mounted. As all the UV light is contained within the housing, the UV-FAN can operate whilst occupants are in the room. It is also designed to operate 24/7 if necessary.

Inside the UV-FAN

There are two TiO2 filters; (TiO2 stands for nanostructured titanium dioxide), this is a powerful photo-catalyst as the reaction generated degrades organic and inorganic pollutants including the membranes of pathogenic micro-organisms. TiO2 enhances the effect of UV-C light; with its photocatalyzed effect actively targeting the elimination of odours.

No Ozone

The use of UV light in the 253.7 nanometres wavelength means there is no ozone produced. This is particularly important as ozone is hazardous to humans.


Thanks to its small size and stylish Italian design UV-FAN-XS is a versatile air purifier that can be used in many applications such as:

  • Residences.
  • Carehomes.
  • Hospitals, ICUs, maternity wards, surgical units.
  • Medical and dental clinics.
  • Offices, restaurants, and hospitality venues.
  • Schools.
  • Laboratories.
  • Inside elevators, train carriages, buses.

Additional information

Weight11 kg
Dimensions60 × 15 cm

UV-FAN-M2/40H, UV-FAN-M2/95HP, UV-FAN-M2/95HP-ST, UV-FAN-M2/95HP-BD-Rc2, UV-FAN-M2/95HP-2BD-ST-Rc2