UV-FAN-XS UV Air Purifier



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Silently Disinfects Your Air


  • 60W High Output lamp, 18,000 hrs life Light Progress selective emission peak at 253.7nm
  • Elimination of Viruses, Bacteria and any other pathogen certified by University tests
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel external Body
  • Germicide Chamber inside, mirrored bright Aluminium to enhance UV power
  • Special honeycomb TiOx filter with Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and silver salts photoactivated to avoid NOCs and VOCs and increase
  • Indoor Air Quality at each air passage
  • 24 hours of the continuous operation time, in the presence and absence of people
  • Power supply electronic Ballasts specific for UV-C lamps
  • 50-60 m3/h airflow disinfection
  • Silent ventilator (32 dB)
  • Horizontal or vertical application on the wall
  • Super compact sizes, it fits everywhere

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