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  • UV-CABINET series includes several models of floor standing and wall unit cabinets, with one or two doors or provided with shelves (UV-CABINET-R) or provided with the specific support for endoscopic probes (UV-CABINET-E).
  • UV-CABINET has a stainless steel structure and a door with a special LEXAN and anti-UV window, which allows checking the inside of the cabinet and its operation at any time.
  • UV-CABINET is equipped with an automatic shut-off system of lamps, in case of opening of the door. The management of the turning on is carried out via the top panel, which allows setting the automatic timed switch-on, by means of the switch and the timer.
  • The lamps are lit every time the door is closed and the treatment continues for the operation time set; between a disinfection cycle and the other one, it is possible to set the “pause” time, depending on needs, after which the lamps will turn back on automatically for a new disinfection cycle to maintain sterility for a long time.
  • UV-CABINET is entirely manufactured in Italy, with high quality and extremely resistant materials.


UV-CABINET H-NX  series UV-Cabinets by Light Progress Europe is among the few items on the market to offer an extremely quick and truly effective way to safely disinfect objects, tools and equipment.

This powerful disinfection chamber has a stainless steel structure and is equipped with flat stainless steel internal perforated shelves. and equipment is simple, clean and effective.

UV-Cabinets works by treating the surface of the item with a high dosage rate of UV-C light at the prescribed wavelength of 253.7 nanometres. Inside the CABINET is equipped with a number of opposing high power Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiating lamps along highly polished reflective internal surfaces. The direct and reflective Ultraviolet Rays provide a high level of disinfection, up to 99.99% within a very short exposure time (seconds).

Validation Germicidal Ultraviolet irradiation has a proven, strong germicidal effect against micro-organisms (moulds, bacteria, and viruses). In little time the disinfection power of UV-CABINET can achieve a reduction of over 99.9% on live bacteria strains such as Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus etc. A higher level of disinfection can be achieved depending on surfaces and extended cycle times selected by the operator.

Traditional disinfection methods Traditional disinfection requires the use of chemicals to contact the surfaces of an object. This is often not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene. UV-CABINET provides a proven method of disinfection that has been independently tested and validated. With UVC technology there are no nasty chemicals involved, providing a healthier environment for all.

Operation of UV-CABINET Safe and simple to operate. Place the potentially contaminated or shared item within, close the lid, set the timer and push “start”. The steel door is equipped with a transparent anti UV polycarbonate viewing window allowing visual indication of the state of operation. Whenever the door is closed the UV lamps activate and start the disinfection cycle. If the door is opened during the cycle, sensors will automatically deactivate the UV lamps to ensure the safety of personnel. The lamps will reactivate once the doors are closed again. The irradiation time can be adjusted. Typical cycle times are under 180 seconds.

No Ozone The use of UVC light in the 253.7 nanometres wavelength means there is no Ozone produced. This is particularly important and must be taken into consideration when purchasing UVC equipment as Ozone is hazardous to humans.

Applications UV-CABINET can be used for germicidal disinfection of objects, tools and equipment for many industries including healthcare, laboratories, food-beverage, hospitality, retail shops, hotels, offices, education, travel, beauty, just about anywhere…

Face masks & PPE
Laboratory equipment
Power and hand tools
Trays, containers
Keys, access cards, tags
Headsets, jewellery
Beauty care equipment
Other, shared items…

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