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  • UV-CABINET series includes several models of floor standing and wall unit cabinets, with one or two doors or provided with shelves (UV-CABINET-R) or provided with the specific support for endoscopic probes (UV-CABINET-E).
  • UV-CABINET has a stainless steel structure and a door with a special LEXAN and anti-UV window, which allows checking the inside of the cabinet and its operation at any time.
  • UV-CABINET is equipped with an automatic shut-off system of lamps, in case of opening of the door. The management of the turning on is carried out via the top panel, which allows setting the automatic timed switch-on, by means of the switch and the timer.
  • The lamps are lit every time the door is closed and the treatment continues for the operation time set; between a disinfection cycle and the other one, it is possible to set the “pause” time, depending on needs, after which the lamps will turn back on automatically for a new disinfection cycle to maintain sterility for a long time.
  • UV-CABINET is entirely manufactured in Italy, with high quality and extremely resistant materials.

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